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Age of Magic Mod APK

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Age of Magic Mod APK

Age of Magic (MOD Always Win/Instant Kill) is a one-of-a-kind strategy fantasy game in which players can gather powerful heroes for an endless journey through various realms of magic.

Age of Magic – Since ancient times, people have fantasized about a type of power known as magic. It is believed that those who possess this miraculous energy can become more intimate with the divine.

Actually, there are people known as wizards who are said to have this ability, but nothing has been proven.

They can only be found in stories. Of course, the game is a world that people create in order to meet their needs.

The magical worlds are created in a variety of variations to satisfy man’s most bizarre imagination. Age of Magic is a new game with stunning graphics that was released in 2018.

The game has demonstrated its position when the number of downloads on the Google Play game download is quite large.

Furthermore, despite the fact that it was only recently announced, it has updated

many new maps as well as upgraded the mechanism.

Players’ experiences with this game are constantly improving. Playkot LTD has some successful products as well, but this is the company’s first product in the role-playing genre.

However, it was a new victory for them. This is also the most graphically demanding of their published games.

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Age of Magic Game Story

Because the protagonist was a weak child, he was given the gift of a monk endowed with enormous magical powers.

On the high mountain where the monk lived, they practiced together. However, an incident occurred that caused the protagonist’s life to change in ways that cannot be undone.

When the devil arrives, he destroys the teacher he adores. This is a major assault on the child’s soul.

He resolved to learn the most powerful magic in order to avenge his master. He returned years later. The player will now take on the role of a hero.

Age of Magic Gameplay

  • Choose from a variety of characters such as Demons, Dragonkin, Elves, and so on.
  • Collect heroes and level up to fight fierce battles and rise to the top of the arena.

Every night, a legend is engulfed by the Legions’ demons, and one of the light beams in the sky fades out, according to Roland’s story in Age of Magic.

The Dragon Prophecy brings hope by foretelling the True Mage, a person with the greatest magical abilities who can change the fate of this magical universe by entering the Dark Tower.

The chosen mage could be any of the players whose identities change with each passing day.

Age of Magic Mod APK Latest Version Features


  • You will role-play and play as if you were in a role-playing game. The character is controlled by the player via a team of five. The battles will take place at a fairly consistent pace, using familiar turn-based mechanics. However, it will provide unforgettable experiences thanks to full 3D graphics in true color.
  • Age of Magic will have a brand new map thanks to a recent update. Act III of the Valley of Treasures will be added to the game, along with shards for Bellara, Arekhon Ax Thrower, Gassar, and Arekhon Guardsman. Do not delay; the heroes are waiting for you with an exciting adventure and forgotten magic from this world. Learn more about it by participating in the offline fight.


  • Playkot is one of the most immersive game developer brands, having created numerous outstanding Android games such as Age Of Magic, Riverside, Spring Valley, SuperCity, and Word Line. These games are available for download from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. You can also try the Age Of Magic game if you want to experience the most influential Role Playing Gaming interface.
  • Age Of Magic is an Android+iOS game with a Strategic-RPG theme that can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It’s a star game with a feature-rich gaming interface that allows you to enjoy a wide range of characters, heroes, lands, modes, and gaming styles. First, you can enjoy the Campaign gaming mode, which contains 100+ challenging levels, and then, on the following levels, you can unlock the more exciting modes!


  • Age Of Magic is a magical Android game that features the best heroes to make you feel wealthy at all times. The game begins with the first fighter, Roland, and continues with over 100 legendary heroes such as Tricky, Stealthy, Pride, Prook Greasyhair, Shni, Grok, Torak, and Jagg. Furthermore, for more advanced gaming, you can unlock super-powered heroes such as Troddar Shieldbearer, Raarspit, and the Arekhonian Blood Mage to enjoy their extreme attacks.
  • It’s a difficult Android game in which you must collect each hero’s shards and unlock them. These shards are extremely rare, and most heroes require hundreds of shards to be unhitched for the first time. You can then upgrade them to increase their Hit Points, Armor, Magic Damage Resistance, basic damage, basic magic damage, and critical damage.


  • A massive collection of gaming modes Essentially, the game modes are designed to keep gamers engaged and never bore them, not even for a single moment of gaming. Simply put, as the best RPG game, Age Of Magic has numerous gaming modes embedded within its interface.
  • Aside from the standard campaign mode, you can also enjoy the Dark Campaign, Friends Battle, Valley Of Treasures, PvP Arenas, Challenges, Tomb Of Horrors Rules, and weekly updating events here. Please don’t be put off by the game’s size and never skip it, as it may surprise you more than other RPG games.


  • Prepare to join the prestigious clans and begin chatting with your Clan guys to learn everything there is to know about the game, modes, and heroes. These Clan gamers will not only play Clan matches with you, but they will also provide you with advanced resources and expertise on the overall gameplay. So begin advanced gaming today and prepare for the Age of Magic!


  • It’s time to surprise you with your most desired creation or the resort that brought you here – Age Of Magic MOD APK. That’s right, it’s a modified version of the game with all the futuristic features you all need in your gaming.
  • You can use the Age Of Magic MOD APK to deal the most expressive damage and defeat all of your opponents with the fewest number of attacks. Furthermore, the game includes a user-friendly interface based on MOD Menu. So, download Age Of Magic MOD APK right now and start playing advanced games!


  • Age Of Magic MOD APK provides you with a world-class feature that you have been looking for. The official game contains numerous challenges that irritate many players. However, you can now install the modified version and enjoy the multiple damages all at once. After installing this version, you will no longer have to wait for the next attack after your first one. Other than that, you can cause multiple damages with your move without alerting the servers!


  • Age Of Magic MOD APK is a MOD Menu-based modification that provides a straightforward MOD menu for enabling and disabling hacks. You can either download the official version of this modified version because both games have the same gaming interface, but we recommend Age Of Magic MOD APK because of its simplicity! After downloading the modification, all you have to do is manage the MOD Menu and enjoy realistic gaming!


  • Aside from the significant damage, you can also take advantage of each hero’s enhanced damage to cause more influential damage than your opponents. It’s a free feature included with the Age Of Magic MOD APK that makes your attacks powerful enough for fun gaming and easily crashing all your enemies. So, instead of struggling, start thinking magically!
Play with heroes on Age of Magic Mod APK
Age of Magic Mod APK Features

Age of Magic Mod APK Key Features

The features of this game are fantastic.

  • To begin, you will be given various options such as classes and factions, which will allow you to learn about the various characters and their gaming options.
  • Several mods for the game, such as Age of Magic, are available for download and can make the gameplay much easier than the unmodified game.
  • The player can assemble his own five-person squad from classes such as druids, mages, knights, and so on.
  • The player can join several clans or create his own clan in order to raid other clans in order to loot high-level equipment and gain Raid Tokens.
  • These Raid Tokens can be exchanged for epic hero shards in the Raid Shop.
  • Weekly tournaments allow the player to put his skills to the test against other players.
  • You must win these tournaments in order to unlock different character traits for your characters and place them at the top of the leader board.
  • Winning tournaments will also unlock several stronger characters (such as dragons and legendary heroes) for the player to include in his 5-membered squad by replacing a former squad member.
  • Aside from Tournaments, there are a number of ‘Events’ in which the player can explore dungeons, defeating dungeon monsters and bosses to earn valuable rewards.
  • These ‘Events’ are only available for a limited time, but thanks to ‘checkpoints’ that save progress, a player can resume his quest whenever he is granted re-access to the event.

Advantages of the Age of Magic Mod APK:

  • The fantasy world is always enthralling and exciting. A game based on the magical world is nothing short of a roller coaster of fun and excitement.
  • This game’s fierce battles include intense challenges. To win the game, perfect planning and strategy are required. As a result, this game sharpens the mind and makes it quick to respond.
  • The players form clans with other players in order to defeat the demons. As a result, each player can interact with many other players from all over the world.
  • To reward and encourage the players, different types of bonuses are offered when they defeat the demons guarding them.
Play Age of Magic Mod APK
Age of Magic Mod APK Overview


After reading all of this, you can now download Age Of Magic MOD APK from the link provided below.

The simple game with all of the aforementioned features combined with a simple MOD Menu and official game interface.

You can use the default installation steps to install it on any smartphone, rooted or not.

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