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Alien Shooter Mod APK

Arcade games have long been a favorite among gamers. Many of us grew up playing arcade games, and no true gamer can forget Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, which was released in 2003, has been improving the gaming experience ever since.

With 160+ levels and two game modes, you get to fight a swarm of enemies and end their evil forces on your own.

The Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter’s main goal is to save humanity from enemies attacking from space.

The game is updated on a regular basis by ONESOFT and is available on the Google Play store for mobile users.

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod APK Overview

If you were around during the early days of computer technology and played classic games like Alien Shooter or Chicken Invaders, those are priceless memories that you will never forget.


I’ll take you back to your childhood by playing a familiar game in a completely new version. Experience the Onesoft publisher’s Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

This is an improved version of the classic Chicken Invaders game. This version is still based on the old platform, but it has a lot of visual and gameplay improvements.

Alien Shooter Mod APK Hack Game Plot

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a fantasy world about Earth’s future.

People can easily move and explore space with new spacecraft as technology advances. However, it is followed by incalculable dangers posed by alien creatures.

They have devised a plan to invade Earth and make humans their slaves. As a result, an important task has been assigned to you. Prevent the aliens from invading your space.

All you have are combat spacecraft, which you will use to destroy all enemies and bring peace to the world. Only you can keep alien monsters at bay on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

Alien Shooter Mod APK Unlimited Crystals Gameplay

As previously stated, the gameplay is similar to the classic game Chicken Invaders. That is, you only need to touch the screen to move and destroy the enemy with the spacecraft’s gun.

Also, don’t forget to collect upgrade items and swap out your weapons. In terms of gameplay, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter isn’t overly complicated or difficult to control.

All you have to do is provide a reasonable strategy, an effective way to avoid dying multiple times.

However, easy control does not imply easy victory. Your adversaries are foreigners. They are extremely powerful, aggressive, and becoming increasingly crowded.

Furthermore, even with modern technologies, the space environment is dangerous and difficult to control with people.

As a result, in addition to fighting smartly and bravely, you should also collect the spoils that fall from the enemy while fighting.

It greatly aids you in upgrading your firepower or providing you with benefits such as heal and shield.

Alien Shooter Mod APK Features

Install and play Alien Shooter Mod APK
Alien Shooter Mod APK Overview


  • When you upgrade your weapons, you can deal more damage in combat in addition to increasing your firepower. To provide combat effectiveness, each weapon has a certain level of upgrade. Furthermore, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter equips you with newer and more modern spacecraft. Each has a unique fighting style and can be upgraded to increase power. However, in order to upgrade and unlock them, you must spend a lot of coins.
  • It is important to note that no matter how powerful your spaceship is, it can be destroyed if it collides with enemies. Getting too many bullets from the enemy can also cause the ship to “evaporate.”


  • Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter presents you with a series of missions. There are over 160 levels to play through, each with a slew of intense battles. In addition, in order to complete each level, you must defeat the boss. These are massive spaceships armed with extremely lethal weapons. However, it is the boss battles that are the highlight and draw the players in.
  • In addition to playing against enemies, the game includes some levels where you can demonstrate your dodging abilities. Comet rain, where you must pilot your ship expertly if you want to survive. There are numerous exciting and extremely difficult missions. After completing each mission, you will receive many coins and upgrade items such as laser guns or cannons, among other things.


  • Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter features graphics with high-quality images that are optimized for both tablets and mobile devices. Super classic space battles will be recreated in the most realistic and vivid way possible. Furthermore, the battleships are extremely cool, as are the advanced weapons. The sound makes the battles more appealing than ever.


  • Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter includes an immersive SpaceShip section where you can choose your favorite SpaceShip and upgrade it to the beast levels, in addition to the impressive gameplay. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not like the old games, where you could only have one SpaceShip with the same skills and levels. Nowadays, you can play games like Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and upgrade your Spaceships on up to 20 levels to improve their Firepower and Bullet level. So, have fun upgrading and fighting Aliens with maximum power!


  • Galaxy Attack is a versatile Android game with a wealth of content. Gone are the days when you had to replay the same Galaxian level with different enemies over and over. Simply download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter right now to enjoy ten different spaceships, including Pulse Blast, Wisdom Glory, Thunder Blade, Pirate King, and the most powerful, Legendary.
  • You can also battle a slew of Galactic Drones in this immersive game, including Alien Mercenary, Rush Fighter, Thunder Spirit, Titan Wings, and the Boss’s favorite Captain Galaxy! Choose your favorite and have the best time!


  • There isn’t a single thing in the world that only has advantages. Every single thing has both advantages and disadvantages. Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, on the other hand, has a plethora of flaws. Still, we can solve all of them in this single article, thanks to the modification – Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK.
  • We play with the in-game servers and help you with the Cracked, Cheaty versions because these Android games do not create in-game cheats! Galaxy Attack MOD APK is a similar modified version of the official game that includes the most excellent features such as Unlimited money, VIP Level 12, and an unlocked shopping menu. Download it now and complete all missions in one day by unlocking the beast, Legendary!


  • As a modification of the official game, its main goal is to provide you with all in-app purchases and upgrades for free. As a result, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK provides you with an unlimited number of coins to use in the Shop menu and make unlimited purchases. Furthermore, you can use this money to upgrade all of your Spaceships with Galactic Drones without spending a single dime. Download the Galaxy Attack MOD APK now to become a fully armored spaceship!


  • Crystals are the second and most important game currency, and you cannot buy legendary assets without them. Keeping this in mind, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK also provides an infinite supply of crystals, which you can use to make premium purchases such as Captain Galaxy, Suicide Shark, and the Legendary SpaceShip. What are you waiting for, perfect things don’t take their time!


  • Aside from the features listed above, Galaxy Attack MOD APK also includes an entirely unlocked Shopping menu that includes all unlocked legendary items such as premium Spaceships, Galactic Drones, and their paid upgrades. Yes, you read that correctly! With the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK, you can use all of the premium shop items for free for the rest of time.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod Apk Free Download

  1. First, click the download button; the apk file will begin downloading automatically.
  1. Search for the downloaded apk file in your mobile’s download folder and open it for installation.
  1. Navigate to your mobile settings, then to security, and finally to unknown resources.
  1. Now launch the app and have fun.
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Alien Shooter Mod APK Gameplay


It’s time to stop predicting the future and start swapping it like it’s the golden past!

Download Galaxy Alien Shooter MOD APK and immerse yourself in the unlocked gaming interface with an endless supply of resources for unusual purchases.

It’s a useful Android app that can be installed on any Android smartphone without the need for root access. Enjoy the premium by clicking the button below!

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