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Angry Birds Evolution

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Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK

The first Angry Birds game was released in 2009. It quickly rose to prominence, topping a slew of charts around the world.

Because of its success, it has spawned a plethora of sequels and films. As more and more people became addicted to their games, it became a global phenomenon.

Angry Birds Evolution is one of its most recent installments. This is a brand-new iteration of the popular franchise, with over 10 million downloads.

You can collect, assemble, and evolve your favorite birds like Red, Bomb, Matilda, Terrence, and others here!

You can compete against other players in a familiar format here. Instead of 2D gameplay, you’re greeted with a truly unprecedented 3D presentation!

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Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Latest Version

Since the release of its first game, the

Angry Birds franchise has been a huge success. It has now released a plethora of titles, including films!

With the global success of this franchise, it only makes sense for Rovio Entertainment to continue producing related content.

Angry Birds Evolution is the most recent installment in the popular franchise. In this game, the same mechanics apply.

You aim, then adjust your strength and fire at the pigs! However, in this game, you are fighting pigs in a boxed environment in 3D.

Apart from that, you can collect, assemble, and evolve your favorite birds like Red, Bomb, Matilda, and others!

Then, in PVP tournaments, you can compete against other players for fantastic rewards!

Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Gameplay

Play Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK
Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Gameplay

If you’ve played the other versions of Angry Birds games like Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Star Wars you’ll enjoy Angry Birds Evolution on the 3D graphics platform.

The classic gameplay remains unchanged. The blue pigs have stolen the eggs of the poor Angry Birds, and your main goal is to shoot the birds at the evil pigs in order to destroy them.

The battles take place in a 3D graphics environment with the ability to interact with objects.

Create your own army of powerful bird warriors, train them to be professionals, and send them into battle to defeat ugly pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution 2020 is a turn-based RPG in which you can choose the battle order or have it done automatically.

If you use all of your turns and still haven’t defeated all of the blue pigs, you must fail. You can, however, use gems to replenish lost HP and keep fighting.

Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Features

Angry Birds Evolution is a brand-new installment in the hugely popular franchise.

You’ll be fighting the pigs in an unusual setting. Here are some of its characteristics.


  • If you’ve played Angry Birds before, you can expect an action-packed and addictive game with each new release. That is precisely the case with Angry Birds Evolution, a brand new installment in the popular franchise. In previous games, we’ve played it like a tug of war, aiming at the opponents and hoping to eliminate them. But now, things have changed, and we can play in a completely new environment while still enjoying familiar gameplay. You can hit the pigs in this game by aiming and hitting them in a box. The game is now entirely in 3D, allowing for a more immersive experience.


  • This game’s home screen is straightforward, with well-designed options. You will only have a few options to choose from on the home screen to begin the game. This game’s user interface is simple and easy to understand, as well as user friendly. There are no annoying advertisements in the game, which improves the user experience.


  • We’ve all heard the story: the birds have been feuding with the pigs since the first game. You can now collect your favorite birds in this game! There are many of them, but the most well-known are Red, Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Terrence, and others. There are also over 100 new characters to collect. You can make your flock stronger than ever here!


  • What could be more entertaining than fighting pigs? Of course, a match with other players! In this game, you can compete in PVP tournaments like Pigball. Dominating the leagues will earn you incredible rewards! You can battle other players in real time here to show them who’s the real boss! Demonstrate your abilities in a survival battle.


  • You’ll love the full 3D gameplay here, which is truly out of this world! Experience Angry Birds like you’ve never seen it before, and take part in thrilling matches! The vastness of Bird City, as well as the character designs, will be appreciated here. Everything in this place is well-made!


  • You can easily control your birds in Angry Birds Evolution by tapping and swiping the screen. To win, you simply need to hit your opponents repeatedly!


  • Angry Birds Evolution, by the way, has a multiplayer mode in addition to the original campaign. Everyone can find a genuine player from another part of the world and compete with him in the pig battle. Join various online leagues and work your way to the top. By killing as many pigs as possible, you can earn unique prizes and become the most accurate shooter.


  • Weekly events allow you to earn epic rewards and relic birds. Make your collection one-of-a-kind. Gather your friends into a guild or join an existing one to compete against players from all over the world. Receive one-of-a-kind rewards and become the master of epic birds that no one else has.


  • The 3D graphics in Angry Birds Evolution are excellent. Nonetheless, only powerful devices allow players to fully appreciate the beauty of rendering and details. The game looks especially good on devices with large screen diagonals, such as tablets. The project’s sounds are also enjoyable. Throughout your adventures, you may hear upbeat music and the distinct sounds of birds and pigs.
Enjoy features of Angry Birds Evolution APK
Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Features

Angry Birds Evolution Cracked Game Features

  • The best Angry Birds game for Android.
  • There are over 100 different angry birds to collect.
  • PvP mode pits you against other players.
  • Level up your birds to make them stronger.
  • The graphics and animations are stunning.
  • Participate in weekly events to earn more rewards.
  • This game is completely free to play.
  • Play with friends from all over the world.

Install Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Gems

We made every effort to make the downloading process as simple as possible for every visitor to our website.

However, if this is your first time downloading a modded game from a third-party source, the following how-to guide may be helpful:

  1. When you press the download APK button, the download process will begin automatically.
  1. After it has finished, open your file manager and locate the application file.
  1. When installing an APK file for the first time, your device may prompt you for several permissions. To allow the installation process, open device settings and select the “Allow from this source” tab.
  1. Unzip the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb.
  1. It is now possible to play the game after it has been installed and the cache has been unpacked!


Angry Birds Evolution is a good RPG with a good story mode. It has the potential to keep the player engrossed for many hours.

Simply complete various missions and battle dreadful bosses. Furthermore, if you get tired of it, you can switch to other modes, including multiplayer.

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