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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mod APK

Animal Crossing is a game series developed by Nintendo that publishes games where players will live in a village of various animals, performing various activity simulations from human life like fishing, catching insects, and finding fossils.

This game series has open gameplay, applying a calendar and time based on real-time. Animal Crossing has been released worldwide, including Animal Crossing (2001), Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005), Animal Crossing: City Folk (2008), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2013). Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (2015), and the latest game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017).

For each version of the game in the series, Nintendo released on a certain platform such as GameCube, Nintendo 3DS, Android, iOS.

And the game I mentioned today, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is a game that is free for 2 mobile platforms, Android and iOS (Including iPhone and iPad).

Nintendo created the project two years ago, but it was delayed after they switched to another project called Super Mario Run and until now we have been able to experience the game.



Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Latest Version Gameplay

Basically, the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is similar to the other titles in the game series. Specifically, the player who will be transformed into a human being who moves into a small camp, where you will manage your campsite, meet and interact with people and animals living around.

The game does not have a specific goal for the player, you will be living in a specific area, and perform activities such as building your own campsite, collecting items, doing small tasks, buying and selling and decorating their own home.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is highly customizable, greatly influencing the outcome of the game.

Initially, you can choose the gender and name your character, you can also buy different types of clothes, accessories or change your hairstyle.

Your camping area can be decorated, expanded and added to any place. You also can change your name using real money.


  • Collecting decorative items is considered to be the main part of this game, you can collect through fun quests in the game by moving to the nearby amusement parks, helping residents and Animals where they need things and collect rewards. Then you can go to the blacksmith’s place to make furniture. In addition, you can manually search for these materials by wandering around the beaches and surrounding islands. Play other free-to-play games in the game. Another common feature is fishing, you can use fishing rods or use the net to catch more fish. This is an interesting activity, and fish can also be used as a raw material for furnishings in the game.
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also uses a virtual currency called Leaf Ticket, which is used to purchase the items needed during the game. You can earn Leaf Tickets by selling items in the game, play minigames or use real money to buy them.


  • An interesting point of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the ability to interact with other animals and players. Different animals have different preferences, so when you create a nice and creative campsite, you will attract them to visit your campsite and increase your “friendship” level with them. Alternatively, you can exchange your IDs with friends so they can visit your campsite when they have an Internet connection. This game has a system of time and calendar based on reality, so the activities in the game will always change with the season, and even throughout the year.
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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Overview


  • This time, Nintendo enough time to bring to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a really nice 3D graphics in a fun cartoon style. The game has beautiful details, bright and very eye-catching effects.


  • While visiting different recreation spots, you’ll meet new animals who could use a little help. They’ll be looking for fish, fruit, bugs, and other things to get their camping adventures started—and when you help them out, you’ll earn Bells and craft materials in return!


  • The craft materials you earn by fulfilling animals’ requests can be used to craft all sorts of furniture and amenities for your campsite.
  • Just open up the Craft menu and place an order with Cyrus, the hardworking handyman from Re-Tail on the Road. Then sit back and wait! Or if you’re in a hurry, you can move your order to the very front of the line by using Leaf Tickets. You can purchase Leaf Tickets with real money or earn them through regular gameplay.


  • The joy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is in creating a space that suits you and your style. Your campsite can be anything you like—from a traditional space that celebrates nature to a flashy fun house with concerts and rides. It’s all up to you! You can also customize your camper, visit your friends’ campsites to get ideas for your own, and meet new animal friends as you explore recreation spots!


  • As you grow your friendships with different animals, they’ll want to visit your campsite. Craft and decorate with their favorite items, and you’ll be able to host them whenever you like—even if you change up your decorations completely!


  • Invite your favorite animal friends to visit your campsite! You can strengthen your friendships with them by fulfilling their special requests or by picking out new outfits for them. Sometimes, they’ll even give you gifts.


  • For every day, developers of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have prepared many exciting tasks in which you have to interact with funny animals. All characters are humanized and they offer you dozens of dialogues with several options for answers. Depending on your decisions, main storyline develops and new quests appear.
  • Multiplayer gameplay deserves special attention here. If you want to play with a friend, then you just need to enter his ID in a special field. Such a kind of gameplay can bring you only positive emotions. It is also important that it is possible to cope with tasks much faster, since players can simultaneously collect resources and then exchange them.


  • Game world of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp contains many locations within which you can do a variety of things. Get an opportunity to use fishing rod and cast nets on the beach. Harvest a wide variety of fruits in the garden. Run after butterflies with a net on the lawn. Each location can surprise with many different activities and NPCs who will teach you everything and give you a task. Be prepared for the fact that it takes some time to complete the same action. Naturally, if you need a large number of any items to complete the quest, then you can use special accelerator tickets, which you can get for a daily visit or buy for real money.

How To Install Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod Apk?

We made everything to ease the downloading process for every visitor to our website.

However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

  • Press download APK button to start download process.
  • After its completion, open your file manager and select the necessary application file
  • In case of installing APK file for the first time, your device may ask you several permissions. In order to allow installation process you have to open device settings and switch on “Allow from this source” tab.
  • After the game installation completion, it becomes available for playing!
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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK Gameplay

Our Summary

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a great arcade and simulation game where you can meet cute animals and relax in your own campsite.

This game differs from other genre representatives, because in addition to completing tasks, you can travel across a huge virtual world, make new acquaintances and improve your camp.

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