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App Cloner APK

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App Cloner APK

App Cloner APK: Do you play a game with multiple accounts or have multiple social accounts?

Then you’re definitely dealing with the issue of switching accounts on a regular basis, aren’t you? App Cloner is the best app for eliminating this process and saving time.

App Cloner is a cloning application that creates a clone of an existing app, allowing you to log in with a different account in that clone app while not affecting the original app.

There is no longer any need to switch accounts. Both the original and clone apps are active at the same time.

That means you can access multiple accounts at the same time without having to switch between them.

App Cloner APK offers all premium features for free. All premium features are available for free and there is no time limit.

Dark mode, VPN, stealth mode, and a slew of other privacy and security features are also available.

Download the App Cloner Premium APK from here to take advantage of all of these features. This app is completely safe and simple to set up and use. Installation does not necessitate root access.



App Cloner APK Latest Version Features

Use App Cloner Mod APK to clone apps
App Cloner Mod APK Overview

We’ve broken down the app’s features into subsections below. More information can be found by reading them.


  • You can get all of the App Cloner’s premium features without spending a single penny. This app has all of the premium options unlocked. Simply download the Apk from this page, install it, and you are ready to use all of the features.


  • In its free version, the official version prohibits the cloning of Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. These apps can only be cloned by those who have a premium pack. App Cloner Premium APK, on the other hand, allows you to clone these apps for free.


  • Change Icon Color: Choose a color to replace the default launcher icon color. You can also invert the original color to make it easier to identify the cloned app.
  • Replace Icon: Using this feature, you can completely change the app icon of the clone. The free version does not include this feature. You can enable this feature by purchasing the premium version.
  • Flip or Rotate Icon: If you want a slightly different icon than the original, flip or rotate the icon in 90 or 180 degrees.
  • Add Text: To make the original app icon look more professional, you can add a text Badge. To match the icon size, text should be 3 to 7 letters long.
  • Keep Original Icon: For temporary cloning, simply keep the original app icon.


  • You can set passwords for your clone apps in this app. Not only can you set a password for them, but you can also enable stealth mode, which displays an error message whenever you open the clone app. If you double-tap and hold the Okay button, the error message will be removed and the password will be requested. The clone app will then launch. You can also set a fingerprint password for stealth mode.


  • App Cloner Premium APK includes an incognito mode to protect your data entries. You can change the Android id and the Google advertising id at any time, as well as regenerate new ids. You can now set a fake date for any clone app you choose. You can restrict the clone app’s access to your contacts and call logs.


  • This app allows you to listen to the audio of multiple clone apps at the same time. Stop your app if it detects screen mirroring or external presentation displays.


  • App Cloner Premium Apk’s coolest premium feature has to be this. When cloned, it can be difficult to tell which app is the original and which is the clone because of the eye-blinks. To address this, App Cloner Premium Apk provides the cool premium feature of customizing the cloned app’s logo or icon to your liking.
  • You can change the color of the cloned app’s icon or logo from a variety of options, making it much easier to find. That way, distinguishing it from the original app running on your OS and accessing it within it is faster, more convenient, and efficient.


  • App Cloner Premium Apk offers free invert color/dark mode to all of its users. The colors of the clone app can be inverted. You can also change the clone app’s appearance to dark mode.


  • In this app, you will be able to use gestures. You can also specify whether the opened clone app should be minimized or exited when you press the Back button.


  • The interface of App Cloner Premium is highly regarded for having a design that is both flexible and simple while remaining professional. The application has two simple tones, white and blue, so users don’t feel too blinded when using it, and it’s suitable for working both during the day and at night.


  • If there is something that is persistently bothersome with no complaints, it will be advertisements that appear while you are engaged in serious work. Nobody wants to waste even 5 seconds (or more, whenever the apps appear) to skip the ad or continue working after the ad.
  • The main reason is that it appears not only once or twice, but at any time while the app is running and counting up to the numbers, wasting a lot of time. So, with that in mind, our App Cloner Premium MOD Apk has unlocked this amazing benefit for you by removing all possible ads such as banner ads, pop-ups, and so on, so that you can simply enjoy the premium benefits without wasting time. And we provide all of this for free.


  • In the gaming options, you’ll find key mapper, which is a premium feature available only to premium users. However, it is free to use in App Cloner Premium APK. Key mapper allows you to change the movement/action keys for D-pad/remote-controllers.
Enjoy App Clone Mod APK Features
App Cloner Mod APK Features

How to Create a Clone of a Pre-Installed App

Cloning Android apps is now a simple process with few complications. You can easily clone any Android app by using the App Cloner Mod APK.

Now, follow the steps to learn how to clone Android apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. It could also create a clone of an Android game.

  1. Download and install the App Cloner mod apk from the link below.
  1. Select the app you want to duplicate in App Cloner.
  1. The first two options are the most crucial. Begin with 1 for the “clone number.” The “Name” is entirely up to you (eg: Camera 2).
  1. To begin the cloning process, click the “” icon. When it’s finished, click “install.”


You can use App Cloner Mod APK to clone your games and social apps and use different accounts without switching.

You also get all of the premium features for free and with no time limit.

As previously stated in this article, incognito mode, transition effects on/off, password protection, and other features are available.

Download App Cloner Mod APK Latest Version from here and play your game with as many accounts as you want without having to switch between them.

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