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AVG Antivirus Pro

Download AVG Antivirus Pro APK
AVG Antivirus Pro APK

Do you want to protect your Android device from viruses and malware? Then Avg antivirus pro apk is your best bet.

The security of your Android device is critical to keeping you safe in today’s cyber world. As a blogger, I make a lot of online payments with my phone.

As a result, it’s always critical for me to keep my passwords, login information, and bank information safe from hackers and scammers.

Protecting your banking information is only a small part of security because many hackers are looking for your data such as WhatsApp, Facebook messages, banking OTP, browsing site, and other types of information.

Your online data is far more valuable than your money in today’s cyber world.

Hackers and scammers can use your personal information to commit fraud, such as fraudulent transactions or carding.

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What Exactly Is AVG Antivirus Pro APK?


antivirus pro apk is a modded (cracked) version of the official Avg Antivirus app.

With avg pro apk, you can enjoy all of the premium version’s features for free, such as protecting your photos, messages, and memories.

AVG AntiVirus includes the following features:

  • Real-time app, game, and file scanning
  • Killing inactive tasks automatically
  • Battery life can be extended by using the Power Saver mode.
  • Make more space by removing unnecessary files and cache.
  • App locker built-in for sensitive apps
  • Scanners connected WiFi networks for threats automatically.

AVG is an abbreviation for Anti-Virus Guard. It was created by AVG Technologies and has a 4.7/5.0 star rating on Google Play.

AVG antivirus is a freemium product, which means you can download and use it for free, but you must pay for technical support.

AVG Antivirus Pro Apk Specifications

As previously stated, Avg pro apk provides free access to all premium features. I’ve highlighted some of the best features of this avg mod apk below.


  • Many antivirus programs are now rendered obsolete because they are easily circumvented. However, Pro Avg Antivirus Apk features Dual-Engine Antivirus technology, which distinguishes it from other antiviruses.
  • Avg antivirus works silently once installed, scanning apps, games, and files with dual-engine antivirus and removing hidden malicious files without affecting device performance.


  • Every year, 80 million Android phones are lost or stolen. Yes, that is a sizable number, and without any anti-theft software, there is no way to track them. AVG Pro mod apk can help you get out of this nightmare by tracking a stolen Android phone using Google Maps. Remote history allows you to query the call log, contacts, and text messages from anywhere.


  • My favorite feature of this avg antivirus mod is the Camera Trap (Theftie). When someone attempts to unlock your phone three times, avg pro antivirus secretly emails you a photo with the location of the person attempting to snoop your device.
  • We can quickly determine whether the person using our phone is a bothersome brother or a professional thief.


  • What if someone changed the SIM card in your stolen/lost device? After stealing the phone, the thief usually removes the SIM card. AVG antivirus pro apk has unique features for this type of situation.
  • When your SIM card is changed, Avg will automatically lock your device, preventing them from making a call and accessing your private data.


  • I despise it when someone snoops on my photos, messages, or videos. I am confident you should as well. Avg Pro includes app lock features that prevent unauthorized access to any of your applications. To lock an application, you can enter a one-time PIN code.
  • Avg pro apk will automatically provide a lock option for sensitive apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and banking apps.


So, here are some more features you might enjoy.

  • Websites should be scanned for malicious threats.
  • Examine the download and upload speeds
  • Advanced Virus Remover
  • Agent of Surveillance
  • App to track your time spent
  • History from afar
  • VPNs provide greater privacy
Explore AVG Antivirus Pro APK
AVG Antivirus Pro Overview

Download and Install AVG Antivirus Pro APK

  1. First, click the “GO TO DOWNLOAD PAGE” button, which will take you to the Avg Antivirus cracked apk download page. Click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button to get the apk. Your download will begin in less than a second. After you have finished downloading, open the apk file that you have just downloaded.
  1. Go to the “SETTINGS” menu and check the “Allow from this source” box. Now, click the “BACK” button and then the “INSTALL” option once more. The installation process will begin. Launch the antivirus program after it has been installed.
  1. This will prompt you if this is the first time you’ve installed a downloaded application from Chrome. Don’t be concerned if you didn’t see that screen.
  1. If you already have an avg antivirus from the play store, uninstall it first before installing the premium version. The installation will fail if this is not done.
  1. Launch the antivirus program. When you launch it, it will begin scanning your device for viruses and malware. As you can see in the screenshot, my Android had one virus. However, with the assistance of avg mod apk, I was able to resolve the issue.
  1. You can enable or disable any functions, such as the Sensitive Lock app, the automatic daily scan, and many others.
  1. It’s now time to enable this antivirus’s anti-theft features. Simply click the “SECURE IT” button, and you’ll be prompted to complete a few simple steps to enable this feature. Now, as shown in the screenshot, click “SET UP NOW.” It will then prompt you to enter your unique PIN code, grant the necessary permissions, and grant remote access.
  1. To use the built-in app lock feature of avg antivirus pro apk, select the “LOCK APPS” button from the lock sensitive apps menu. Finally, it will prompt you to enable app locking for the first time. Simply click “SET UP NOW” to create your own PIN code. Select the app for which you want to use the app lock.
  • Your first priority should be to apply for a bank account.
  • For app-locking, always use a secure passcode.
  • Avoid using PIN codes such as your birth year, vehicle number, or lucky number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the AVG Mobile AntiVirus PRO apk?

Avg antivirus pro apk is a modified version of AVG’s official mobile antivirus. Because an open-source developer modified the app, you can use all of the premium features of this antivirus without paying for it.

We simply bypassed its purchase and API options, allowing anyone to use it for free. I’ve been using this mod for a while now and haven’t had any problems.

Is AVG Antivirus Pro crack apk safe to use?

APKClubs is the best place to get a premium apk that has been thoroughly tested. All files shared on our site, including AVG Antivirus Pro Mod apk, are personally tested for any hidden trojan or malware by me, and if I find it to be 100 percent safe, I will provide it to you.

Is AVG Antivirus Pro really necessary?

Antivirus is the equivalent of “Policeman” for your Android phone. AVG Pro apk guards your device against incoming malware and prevents it from accessing your sensitive data.

I know there are many free antiviruses on the market, but avg antivirus is the only one that uses dual-engine technology to scan your device. As a result, I prefer this one.

Do you have the most recent version of avg pro apk?

Yes, I am providing you with the most recent version of this mod apk. It is always critical to use up-to-date antivirus software. As a result, I’m providing you with a direct download link to download Avg antivirus pro Version 6.44.3 for free.

Is there any other avg mobile application?

Yes, AVG mobile includes a number of other applications that aid in keeping the Android device safe and clean.

If your Android is lagging, you should try avg cleaner pro apk, which cleans junk and empty folders to make it buttery smooth.


As a result, we have shared the most recent version of avg antivirus pro apk 2021 for android.

You can now use all of the premium features without having to pay for them. Save this page as a bookmark to ensure that you always have access to the most recent version.

Enjoy AVG Antivirus Pro APK Features
AVG Antivirus Pro APK Features

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Also, if you have any questions about avg antivirus pro android security apk, please leave them in the comments section.

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