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Attention, please! Are you still facing a problem with storage memory? Not anymore as avg cleaner pro APK Formulated by VAKU Apps is Ready to Roister in the competition.
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Avg Cleaner Mod APK Download Latest Version 

Attention, please! Are you still facing a problem with storage memory? Not anymore as avg cleaner pro APK Formulated by VAKU Apps is Ready to Roister in the competition. Don’t worry! The avg cleaner will help your android device to run even faster and Smoother; you can also save as much data as You can by Abolish muck files.

About Average Cleaner App

Splendid right hand with antivirus, cleaner, application lock, and support. Although smartphones nowadays are the best helpers. However, please think before you take it for granting poorly.

Failure of Programs, Low battery Problems can be Fully Solved with the Help of Avg cleaner App. Surprisingly this App has reached 100k+ downloads within no time. However, it was released back in 2020, but now it is as popular as others.

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Features of Avg Cleaner App

Excited! You have to be. We will Love to have your attention here. Check out one of the important features of Average cleaner out here.

  • Protection from virus

The avg cleaner will help your device virus free. There will be no Malware or Virus in Your device that will affect its functionality. Indeed it will ensure safety of your smartphone

  • Cooling Effect

Woo! Are You Facing A problem of overheating of your smartphone? Right then! It’s time to change up something; Avg Cleaner will help you minimize this temperature and provide a cooling effect to the CPU.

Also, it ensures the alarming effect of overheating so that you can be quickly well aware of This overheating problem. Moreover, you can Attain this much Healthy App of only 7MB, having 4.2 Ratings so far. So please don’t waste your Time and Pocket it as soon as possible.

  • Display Memory

Unbelievable! we mean, it’s just incredible. All the processing Acting upon your smartphone will be displayed over there. How much memory is Used and Much to spare, and also it ensures the amount of RAM free.

  • Optimizing

Average cleaner not only protects your device or maintaining its functionality, but it can also optimize all the processes Taking place. Your device will boast up and functions quickly and adequately. Moreover, it also ensures no hurdles in any Process and makes it smooth and Clean.

  • Cleaning

Well! Not only this, but it also ensures the cleaning of unnecessary data in your device. All types of Junk Files can be removed within a single click. Additionally, cleaning and removing unnecessary data/unused files or junk files also ensures free up space for further assistance.

  • Monitoring 

The icing on the cake! It free up space by removing all types of muck Files and monitors Any Further Useless folder, Temporary Files If exist.

  • Power saving 

This App can also save your battery power and even extend it to few hours. Additionally, it ensures 3 ways to protect your ability according to your usage.

  • App locker

No one will access your messages and photos. You can lock your Apps individually and block others’ access to this folder or App.

About Avg cleaner APK

Bothered? Not any more! Are you anxious that your smartphone is not approachable to the Avg Cleaner App?

Then we have A Surprise for You! Here is the APK File of Avg Cleaner. Go and Download it and Make your smartphone work even Faster!

Avg Cleaner APK Download 

  • Click on the download given below
  • Secondly, go and open that downloaded file and install it
  • It is installed Now you can make full use of it

About Avg Cleaner Pro APK

You may now contemplate whether you can get includes free of charge? Yes, for sure! That’s why we have a pro version for it. Avg cleaner pro helps its users to Clean up their muck files, unnecessary folder and, most importantly, to fasten their smartphone working.

That’s right! Not everyone can pay These massive amounts of charges monthly. That’s why we have already mentioned that it is Avg Cleaner pro-APK that is available to you for Free. More ever! We have also mentioned All the keys to Install it. Have it right now? Go and Fetch it!

Avg Cleaner Pro APK Download

  • Firstly, click on the download button given below
  • Secondly, open that downloaded file and make sure to install it
  • Now it is installed, you can make use of it.

FAQs about Avg Cleaner Pro APK

 Is it Helpful to protect from viruses or corrupt files?

Yes! Average Cleaner Pro will be your device virus-free. There will be no malware. It will be scanned and make your device function correctly.

How can we lock apps with it?

There are options available to lock any one of the App. You can block other access to Your messages, photos, or any other app by closing this to your access.

 Is it safe to install?

No doubt about it. Even the average cleaner pro itself saves your device from harm and makes your device safe and free from viruses.


All things considered, Avg Cleaner Pro APK is the just application that is the most helpful for a wide range of cell phones. Additionally, if you desire to access all features, you can always use Avg cleaner pro APK for free.  Are you desire to clean your smartphone? I think every user is. So, why not. However, we surely will recommend you this Pro version.  Still not sure? Go and Install the latest version of avg cleaner pro APK. We assure you that you will love it. Don’t forget to know us your reviews after!

What's new

- Improved speed of re-scans and access to various features
- Now it is possible to customize the list of apps under the "Hidden cache" category
- New feel-good animations and UI polish



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