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With the advent of the internet, a new generation of influencers emerged, those who focused on gaining internet followers.

As a result, the demand for video editing apps has increased in order to create more video content.

This is where video editing apps come in handy. They provide convenience, ease of use, and compatibility with the majority of video formats! Pro is a free music video maker with effects that currently has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

But, why is this so popular when there are literally thousands of video editing apps available?

For starters, has a plethora of ready-made templates that will make your life easier! Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic app!

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TikTok, a video-sharing social network, will have a banner year in 2020.


of social media’s dominance in the entertainment industry, people are increasingly using and sharing interesting cut videos from their daily lives.

If you are a TikToker or enjoy posting entertainment videos on Facebook or Instagram, is a good app for you.

This is the leading application for making free music videos with high quality, allowing you to create a lot of interesting content to share on social media. has become one of the most important applications on Android devices due to its powerful features.

Features of APK

We’ve already established that Pro is a useful video editing app. But how helpful would it be to us?

To answer that, here are some of the amazing features of this app:


  • First and foremost, what distinguishes Pro is its abundance of ready-made templates! If you’re unfamiliar with templates, they are edited music videos that you can customize with your own photos or videos. Essentially, these templates have already been created for you; all you have to do is choose which ones you like best. Unlike video editing software like Adobe Premiere, which requires you to create everything from scratch, Pro provides convenience!


  • Aside from that, Pro includes effects that will instantly wow your audience! Make them think you made everything from scratch when you really just used effects. You no longer need to be a video editing expert because the app will do the majority of the work for you! To make it your own, simply add your clips or images and then customize their color, text, and everything in between.


  • Transitions, in case you didn’t know, are what make videos flow smoothly. Instead of simply cutting to the next clip, transitions can be used to provide a more seamless viewing experience. Pro includes transition effects that will automatically match the music rhythm of your video. For example, if you add background music with beats to your video, the beats will have effects and transitions.


  •’s publisher established the criteria from the start in order to create an extremely simple but convenient application aimed at a young audience. It does not require professional skills or time to create a short video in the fun style that you desire; simply follow a few simple steps.


  • The importance of sound in creating an interesting and engaging video cannot be overstated. offers a massive music store with the ability to quickly update songs that are trending. Trends on TikTok or other social networking sites last a few days to a week, so you must create unique videos to stay on top.
  • As you can see, the Viral videos are frequently edited with transitions that match the melody of the music. It will be difficult for inexperienced people to catch up correctly. That will be a lot easier with Simply combine your favorite photos, and will automatically follow the music to create visually stunning videos.


  • Copyright infringements are another thing that influencers are always on the lookout for. This means that if you used music that isn’t yours or isn’t copyright-free, the rightful owners may claim your video. As a result, video creators are constantly on the lookout for the best free music they can find. Pro has a ton of free music that will go perfectly with your videos! They have everything from sad songs to upbeat music!
Explore amazing features of APK APK Features


  • If all you want to do is create slideshows of your most recent family vacation, Pro is the place to be! Making memories does not have to be difficult, especially for newcomers. Creating slideshows in Pro is as simple as uploading your photos to the app and letting the app do the rest! You only need to change the text, fonts, filter, and other minor details to make it uniquely yours. You no longer have to use your gallery’s boring default editor to create slideshow presentations. With a single tap, you can add beautiful templates to your photos to make them stand out!


  • The user interface is what truly makes an app useful. Some video editing software makes the mistake of including too many complex features. This makes it difficult, especially for newcomers, to create videos. However, with Pro, everything is so simple that you’d never guess it’s a video editing tool! The background is dark to provide contrast to your videos and photos, and you simply choose the effects, templates, and transitions from the drop-down menus below!


  • It’s time to save your video after you’ve finished your masterpiece! Pro can produce high-quality renders up to 720p HD. This means that your images and videos will retain their quality even after you export them. The app also makes it simple to save videos; with just a few taps, it’s already on your phone!


  • Pro also allows you to easily share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok! To save time, you no longer need to manually upload it!

Features of Mod APK Unlock All


  • One of the most noticeable differences between the free and paid versions is the absence of advertisements. You will no longer have to worry about spam ads interfering with your work.


  • When you use Pro, the exported videos are in HD format, and you can remove the watermark as you see fit.


  • In this version, the music store is not limited, and there are many more special effects. Have you run out of video ideas? Don’t worry, the Premium version includes more vivid video templates for you to explore and create. Mod APK Download on Adroid

To successfully install Mod Pro APK, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the mod apk from the link provided above. You can download Mod Pro APK from the official site by clicking on it.
  1. Enable unknown sources by going to Settings > More Settings > Security. Navigate to the location where you saved the Pro APK and tap on it.
  1. To begin the installation, click the “Install” button. The installation instructions will be displayed on the screen.
  1. To finish the installation process, make sure you follow the instructions exactly. At the very least, click finish, and the installation is finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use APKClubs to download Lite – Music Video Maker with Effects APK Mod (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO)?

When a user downloads an Apk file from APKClubs, we will check Google Play for the relevant APK file and allow the user to download it directly. Our website’s games and applications are safe and harmless to users.

Why is permission required to install Lite – Music Video Maker with Effects Mod Hack (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO)?

The app requires access to your device’s operating system. When you install an application, you will be informed of all the permissions that are required to run it.

Edit videos using Mod APK Mod APK Overview

Conclusion is a fantastic app for making stylish videos. It’s straightforward, simple to use, and appropriate for everyone.

You can currently try out the VIP experience for free by clicking the link below.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the app. Have some fun.

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