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Block Strike Mod APK Unlimited Everything

For those that have been living under a rock, Madfinger Games have just released the latest version of their popular mobile first-person shooter (FPS) game, with Block Strike Mod APK being our focus today.

If you don’t know what it is about: In Block Strike, you fight against various opponents across multiple worlds with different weapons and armours. You can either make your own or purchase them via in-app purchases. There’s also a player market where you can sell your items to others for gold coins.

Speaking of gold coins, these are used as the primary currency in this game, but I’m going to be focusing on the secondary currency – diamonds – which is bought using real money.

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Some Key Features of Block Strike:

– Large number of customizations and weapons.

– Large selection of maps to fight in.

– Frequent updates by the developer, which means new content is regularly added.

Now let’s take a look at how much it costs to buy some diamonds? We all know microtransactions are here to stay, so we might as well get used to them, I guess. The first payment option here is via credit card, where you can spend as little as $2 for 100 diamonds or as much as $40 for 5000 diamonds. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend going for this option unless you’re really into the game and want to support its developers.

Unlimited weapons

Features of Block Strike Mod APK

The top features of Block Strike Mod are given below:

  1. This is the first top feature of this application which makes it different from other applications. This app has got world best graphics. The primary thing about this game is that it provides 3D effects in its visuals, and they are perfect in quality. It offers a dynamic environment where you can see a lot of devastative weapons in action around you. You can use rocket launchers, grenades, mines and missiles to demolish your enemies. Every gun has got special effect with it, and when you fire them, it will give out stunning visual effects to make the experience even more interesting for gamers.

Crusher: It’s an excellent weapon for killing multiple people at once. You need to fire missiles towards your opponent, and it will crush your enemies in a single go.

  1. The game has got more than 30 unique maps for you to play on. You can enjoy playing different maps one after another, and they are all exciting because of their 3D effects. No map does not look good because they all have unique features with some stunning visual effects. The best thing about this application is that these maps are divided into different categories like Egypt, City war zone, Mexican town etc. So you can choose any of the maps according to your taste and start playing it without any difficulty. These maps are very interactive and full of life where you find many people walking around doing their daily tasks, so while playing these maps, if you hit them, they will die, and it will result in your loss. You can even shoot cars, house walls etc.
  2. There are dozens of weapons in this game that you can kill your enemies with great ease. You can unlock these weapons by earning coins or attending events so that you can start playing the game with full strength. There are rocket launchers, shotguns, pistols, automatic machine guns and grenades with which you can fight against multiple opponents at once very quickly. All these weapons have their unique features, so choosing the right weapon is necessary to win any battle in this game. Your opponent will also be using powerful weapons like yours, so be careful while selecting the weapon for playing matches.
block strike game 50 maps

  1. The most exciting thing about this application is that it has multiple modes of playing to fight against your opponents. You have to play the game regularly to earn coins regularly, and with those coins, you can unlock new weapons. You need to select a mode according to your preference and then start playing on different maps enjoying dynamic 3D graphics, which might amaze you at all times because of their high quality. Whenever a new map opens for you, its preview will be shown first so that gamers get an idea about the map they are going to play next.
  2. Many events in this application can help gamers earn more rewards by completing particular tasks. You can earn 10 coins for completing daily tasks or even 20 coins if you win any battle. Events are always available in the game, so you should never miss them because they will give you huge benefits in return for small efforts. Make sure that whenever a new event starts, do not skip it and complete it with full strength to get more rewards like tickets, energy etc.
  3. The controls of this game are straightforward to understand, and anyone can play it without facing any difficulty. Every type of control has been designed for this game, from its interface down to the gameplay, so gamers do not feel any problem playing it. Even kids can play this application easily because all necessary features have been added, which a child needs while playing any game. It’s not required that only kids can play this application; even adults are playing it because of its features and attractive gameplay.
  4. The game is entirely free to download on your Android device, so you do not need to pay anything for enjoying the full version of the game on your device. A lot of hard work has been done by developers while making this application, so they never let their customers down by charging money at all. You can unlock all weapons in the game by participating in different events or by playing the game regularly every day without skipping it for once.
Block strike 15 different modes

FAQs About Block strike Mod APK

Is this game pay to win?

No, this isn’t a pay to win game, and there is no in-game purchase that will give you an advantage over other players. You can buy blocks and resources with gold, but they can also be collected from chests which you get for free at the end of each battle. The only way to get them faster is by collecting their shards (blocks’ fragments) during the matches. All blocks and resources are available in the shop as per their weight – Heavy blocks cost more than light ones, rare blocks cost more than common ones, and so on. Also, remember that prices may change depending on offers and discounts!

Why it takes so much space?

Block Strike has lots of cool new features, maps, and blocks! All this wouldn’t fit in the measly 32MB Android limit, which is why you need at least 47MB free space to install Block Strike. We recommend creating an external microSD card (or some other mass storage option, like USB OTG) on your device for storing new maps.

Why the game costs money?

Block Strike is still in development, and we’re working on new maps, weapons, resources and blocks that will be added with future updates. We hope you understand that resources spent on buying ads don’t bring us enough money to keep developing Block Strike without charging for it. We would like to release the game as a free one, but you can help us do it faster by buying some premium blocks.

Why is every time I miss?

By default, weapons have a slight chance to miss their targets. This setting helps balance the gameplay and makes battles more interesting since sometimes your troops may survive even when they should die. Some of you don’t like this feature which is why we’ve added an option to make all shots hit – open the ‘Settings’ menu from the main screen and find it there! When enabled, every attempt will be 100% accurate, which means that you won’t be able to count on luck anymore. Enable this option if you want pure-based combat, or disable it if you like a bit of luck in your battles.

Why can’t I install the game on my Android phone?

There are lots of different Android devices with various storage and software configurations around, which is why we had to do several tests before we could figure out the optimal solution for everyone. Unfortunately, some problems couldn’t be fixed, and right now, Block Strike isn’t working on all phones (specifically some Chinese ones).

We decided not to limit our target audience and will keep looking for alternative ways to get the game running correctly on every device. If you’re having issues installing or launching Block Strike, please get in touch with us through [email protected], and we’ll do everything we can to solve these problems ASAP!

How to install the game on Kindle devices?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t provide a way for us to get in touch with our readers directly, so we can’t help you be successful in installing the game. Block Strike is free, so it won’t cost you anything to download and try, but please remember that it may not work correctly on your device. We’re sorry about this inconvenience! If you have any additional questions or comments, contact us at [email protected]!

Why is my device overheating while playing?

Block Strike uses 3D graphics, which is why some devices may become noticeably hotter when playing this game compared to other titles that use 2D assets only. Also, make sure that your battery is fully charged before starting the game since playing on low power mode may shorten its lifespan.

Why do I need to create an account?

Creating an account will help you track your stats and access special features like saving your current progress across all devices (visiting the site won’t be enough). Please remember that this information is mandatory, so if you don’t want to register just yet, simply start playing without entering any data! If you’re having issues registering or logging in, please contact us through [email protected]!

How does the multiplayer work?

Block Strike doesn’t have a direct PvP mode due to limited resources, but there are still several ways to enjoy the game together! You can visit arenas by tapping the ‘Arena’ button on your main screen, where you can compete with other players in Team Deathmatch mode. There’s also a full-fledged map editor that allows you to create custom battlefields and play with friends or random people.

How do I change my nickname?

There are two ways to make this happen – open the main menu, tap ‘Settings’ and press ‘Change Nickname’. If it doesn’t work, go to website, log in using your Google+ account (Gmail one will not be enough since creating an account here means automatic registration on our side) and edit your character.

Why am I stuck at the menu screen?

If you’re having this problem, make sure that your phone’s data and time settings are correct – Block Strike uses them for its leaderboards and events, so if they’re out of place, the game will give a warning on every launch. If you can’t change these settings because there’s no internet access around, try to fix your system clock first by going into ‘Date & Time’ from the Settings menu or simply restarting your device!

My shot went through enemies after I released the screen lock button?

Please keep in mind that Block Strike is a dynamic game, and not everything here works as it on other titles – one of these things is the screen lock which constantly switches to portrait mode. If you want your character to stay in one place and shoot without rotating, we recommend choosing a different control scheme from the main menu.

Why is my device overheating after playing Block Strike?

Some devices aren’t meant for intensive 3D games like Block Strike since they constantly switch between multiple apps and drain the battery fast. Try to reduce or turn off these features by pressing the “Volume down + Power” buttons simultaneously (it will force your phone into power saving/standby mode). If this doesn’t help, check out ‘Settings’ inside the game and ensure it’s not set up on max graphics!


In the end we will say that none of the game is better than Block Strike Mod APK because it has unlimited entertainment and fun without paying a single penny. So, go ahead and give it try right now.

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