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Bowling Crew APK Overview

Download Bowling Crew Mod APK
Bowling Crew APK

Bowling Crew is a new way for you and your friends to enjoy the sport of ten-pin bowling.

Unlike traditional bowling, players will propel the ball down an inflatable lane with their feet rather than rolling it down a wooden lane with their arms and wrists.

The game is only played by people who are inexperienced bowlers or who want to enjoy the sport with their friends.

Bowling Crew can be played on any flat surface at least 55 feet long and 10 feet wide. Each group of two teams needs three rounds plus one bonus round.

There are four teams in total, but they will all share the same lane if you follow these instructions:

Each team’s players should be divided into pairs or triples. Then, in front of their starting positions, each side will be given a pin.

This is significant because the pins will aid in blocking and may even return your ball to you if it passes through them or they collide.

This game’s balls are actually soccer balls, so don’t worry about looking for large bowling balls to play it.


Crew is similar to traditional ten-pin bowling in that you roll your ball down a wooden lane with wooden pins, but instead of rolling your ball down a wooden lane with wooden pins, you kick your ball down an inflatable lane so that when it hits the ramp at the end of the lane, it is launched into space and hopefully knocks over your three pins at the end!

Each team has its own lanes to play on, and each team has three attempts to knock down every pin on their lane.

The first team to knock down all of the pins receives one point for each pin knocked down, while the other teams receive only half a point if any of their pins are knocked down.

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Bowling Crew Mod APK Features

Enjoy amazing features of Bowling Crew APK
Bowling Crew APK Features


  • Bowling Crew is a new way to enjoy the sport of ten-pin bowling with your friends.
  • Unlike in traditional bowling, players will use their feet to propel the ball down an inflatable lane instead of using their arms and wrists to roll it down a wooden lane.


  • Play more than one game at once!
  • Get exercise without feeling like you’re working out.
  • Perfect for any kind of party!
  • Time to learn about all features of Bowling Crew mobile games.


  • We already know how to play bowling games. Nothing different from real-life games. Choose your bowling balls and begin rolling them towards all ten pins. Set your target with bowling balls, begin throwing, and eventually knock down all ten pins at once. You have a great opportunity to earn rewards and level up in Bowling Crew.


  • Single Mode: If you are unable to play tournament or competition mode, single mode would be a good option for you. This mode also allows you to earn rewards.
  • Bowling Crew has a sizable online community. They’ve classified the tournament or competition mode into several categories. Start playing competition mode and collecting various rewards once you are able to join a competition game.


  • In Bowling Crew, you must hold the ball with three fingers, using your thumb, middle, and pointing fingers, just like in a real-life bowling game. Be cautious when holding balls; the wrong hand and direction can cost you.


  • Graphics are taken very seriously by Bowling Crew. It has high-quality graphics that allow it to run on any smartphone. Furthermore, its user interfaces are simple to grasp.


  • It won’t be long before we find an opponent who matches your skill level. Most matches last no more than three minutes. You can play whenever and wherever you want!


  • Every day, test yourself with alleys with unusual rules. Let everyone know how you like it!


  • With a competition every two weeks, you’ll get a chance to win unique prizes. Take part in matches, gather tokens, and collect seasons rewards!

Bowling Crew Gameplay

  • Bowling Crew is played by having your team and yourself stand on opposite sides of the inflatable lane. If you’re playing with four teams, divide them into pairs or triples. The order of your turns should be determined by a coin toss or Rock Paper Scissors, but after you have taken one throw, if any pins are still standing at the end of that round, your partner/turn teammate’s will come up.
  • You can assist them by kicking it directly into their lane, where they can hopefully knock over some pins before taking their own full turn. The round ends when all three members of each team have taken their turns. So, there are three rounds and a bonus round in total; however, if any pins remain standing after your first throw, play may continue indefinitely; however, once all of the pins on a lane have been knocked down, that team must move on to the next lane and begin another round!
  • The bonus round will begin once each team has thrown their third ball into play. The object of this game is the same as before, except that instead of only receiving half a point if any of your team’s pins were knocked down initially, they now receive two points for each pin that they manage to knock down in addition to the regular bowling score, so try really hard to knock them all down beforehand. In a later paragraph, I’ll go over the scoring system for this game.
  • Soccer balls are used in Bowling Crew because they are much easier to inflate than bowling lanes, so all you need is a sports ball and an air pump like the ones found at Foot Locker or any other sporting goods store or even hardware stores. The number of people in each team is entirely up to you, but if you want more action, try forming teams with as many people as possible.
  • I recommend sitting out once all of your pins have been knocked down, or during the bonus round when everyone gets another chance. Also, make sure that someone keeps track of how many points each team has during each round to give players something to do while they wait their turn. If you’re having a large party with a lot of people, feel free to use more than one lane at a time, but you don’t have to use more than one per game; you could play in teams for each lane or even make up your own rules as long as everyone understands the concept.

How to Download, Install, and Use Bowling Crew Mod Apk?

  1. First and foremost, you must uninstall the current Bowling Crew app from your smartphone.
  1. Then, using the download link provided below, obtain the Bowling Crew.
  1. After you’ve downloaded the Bowling Crew MOD APK file, navigate to Android Settings > Security.
  1. Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option here, which asks for permission to install third-party apps. Allow it.
  1. Return to the download folder and double-click the Bowling Crew APK file to begin installation.
  1. Enjoy!
Install and play Bowling Crew APK
Bowling Crew APK Overview


Bowling Crew MOD APK is a new way for you and your friends to enjoy the sport of ten-pin bowling.

Unlike traditional bowling, players will propel the ball down an inflatable lane with their feet (and possibly their hands) rather than rolling it down a wooden lane with their arms and wrists.

Join us as we learn everything there is to know about this new game, including its social structure, hunting habits, long-distance migration patterns, and more!

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