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Chamet Mod APK

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Chamet Mod APK

Chamet Mod APK: The Chamet Team has released a new social media app called Chamet. The app was created with the goal of elevating social media to new heights.

Is your life monotonous? If your life is monotonous, you should download this app right away.

This is the best place to meet new people and make new friends. What’s amazing is that these people come from all over the world.

Chamet Apk is suitable for all ages. It is the best app to use on your mobile device to enjoy meaningful but humorous moments.

You can be confident that Chamet is the app you’re looking for. It’s important to note that this app is both a multiplayer and a one-on-one online video chat app.

You can use this app to make friends with people from all over the world. You may believe that because you will be meeting with different people, language will be a major barrier for you.

The app, on the other hand, provides the best translation and video calling. The goal

is to make it easy for users to communicate with different people. You can also do this while looking them in the eyes.

Do you suffer from social anxiety? This app will assist you in overcoming your phobia. It would also help you understand different cultures.

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Chat and Meeting Tips

  • Begin a live video call chat and discuss live video sharing interests with strangers, new boys or girlfriends, or global chat, or demonstrate talents such as singing, dancing, and video chat with strangers.
  • Make yourself beautiful by using our live video beauty effects! Upload your beautiful cover to attract more followers and fans. Getting famous, like the video cover of Stars, opens up more doors for you.
  • Talk to girls and boys about living with true love and spirit instead of just looking for an exciting relationship! Love doesn’t entail playing live video with strangers, meeting strangers, or meeting new people!

Chamet Mod APK Features

Enjoy amazing features of Chamet Mod APK
Chamet Mod APK Features


  • As previously stated, this application is intended for video chat with others. Despite the fact that there are many other top trending social applications in the Google Play store that will allow you to start a video chat with your contact friends. However, every time you start a video chat using those top trending apps, you will be obligated to save that contact number in your phone. Chamet Mod Apk removes the restriction of saving contact numbers first on your phone, allowing you to discover people of interest in a matter of seconds and learn more about them.


  • Aside from one-on-one video chatting, another amazing feature of this application is the ability to video chat with five people at once. Using this application, you will be able to throw arty virtually with your online added friends all over the world. As a result, you will be in direct contact with many people all over the world, regardless of culture or language.


  • You may believe that having friends from all over the world will allow you to overcome a language barrier. The language translator, on the other hand, is an amazing feature in this application. This video chatting app includes a language translator that allows you to translate one language into another and vice versa. This application, on the other hand, breaks down language barriers and allows you to communicate with almost anyone on the planet.


  • Profile sharing is strictly prohibited in this application. Make sure to include all of your original information in your profile so that you are never blocked by this application. Along with that, if you want your profile to be recommended to a large number of people, make it as appealing as possible.


  • Although this application does not impose any geographical restrictions on you, it is still quite safe to use. You can directly block any of your added friends if you believe he is bothering you, and you can also report the account of any fake user, which will allow this application to permanently ban that user’s account as well. Furthermore, you will not be asked to provide any additional information in this application. This application’s sign-in process is simple and secure.


  • Join the Live streams of your new friends and celebrities who you follow on the Chamet App. Chat with them in real time in the comments section, and share their live streaming with the rest of your friends as well. You can also send virtual gifts directly to your celebrity crush.

Chamet Mod APK Features

  • Strangers in 1-on-1 Video Chat
  • You can make one-on-one video calls to anyone on the planet.
  • Have a Good Time in the Party Room
  • You can only have a video chat with up to 5 people at once.
  • Streamers’ Authenticity is Guaranteed
  • Cam Live Waiting can be used to ensure that the streamer and his/her live cover are consistent.
  • We strictly enforce our anti-fake-photo policy.
  • All of the streamers are online in real time and respond to video calls in a matter of seconds.
  • Experience a Smooth Video Call
  • The network connection has been improved to provide users with a more fluid video chat experience.
  • In favor of Beauty Effects, Filters, and Stickers
  • You can customize the beauty effects to make yourself look more attractive.
  • There are numerous filters and stickers available to make your live chat more interesting.
  • Translation in Real Time
  • We have real-time translation, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers.
  • Choose Streamers from Various Countries
  • You can talk to strangers from any country you want.
  • Quick and Simple Login
  • Use Facebook, Google, or your phone to quickly log into Chamet and begin live video chatting with a single click.
  • In Live Video Chat or Text Chat, you can follow stars and send gifts to them.
  • Chamet provides a list of popular stars that you can follow as you wish.
  • You can express your affection for your favorite streamers by sending them gifts.

Download and Install Chamet Mod APK on Android

STEP 1: To begin, click the ‘Download’ button above. It will then redirect you to the Chamet Mod APK download page.

STEP 2: Now, by clicking the ‘Start Download’ button, you can search for your application. Your download will begin in a few moments.

STEP 3: After downloading the apk file, navigate to File Manager and open the Chamet Mod APK file you just downloaded. When you install an application from File Manager for the first time, it may prompt you for additional permissions.

STEP 4: Enable all required permissions by selecting ‘Settings’.

STEP 5: After enabling the permissions, return to the previous screen and attempt to install the apk file. In the meantime, it will install without issue.

Install and play Chamet Mod APK
Chamet Mod APK Overview


Chamet Mod APK is a video call communication app that allows you to connect with people all over the world.

In the app, you can also earn real money. When someone calls you, you receive in-app credits that can be converted into real cash and used to withdraw money.

It’s a fun app for having a good time talking to complete strangers or earning real money.

FAQs on Chamet Mod APK

What exactly is a mod APK?

In layman’s terms, customized versions of Android mobile apps exist. An Android application is compressed into a file called. The APK extension. It’s known as a mod APK file, and it contains all of the app’s components and can be installed on an Android device.

Is it illegal to download APKs?

To be clear, downloading an app in its raw APK version from somewhere other than Google’s Play store is entirely legal; Google does not have a complete monopoly in this industry.

How do I use the Chamet app to make unlimited video calls to my friends?

To make unlimited video chats with your contacts, you’ll need free tickets, which you may get from our website by downloading Chamet Mod APK.

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