Deezer Premium APK [Premium Unlocked, No Ads]Latest Version

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Deezer Premium APK Latest Version

dezeer premium apk

Download Deezer Premium APK latest version totally for free and enjoy all Deezer’s premium features with this mod APK with or without the internet. Yes! You read correctly that you enjoy free unlimited music without the internet.

About Deezer Premium APK

Deezer music provides music streaming service both for free as well paid. Free service is restricted and very limited. Using free service, you can’t enjoy the music completely, but you can get at least something better than nothing.

Deezer gives some of its features free to its users, but you have to buy the membership plan for using the advanced features of this app. You can also use the premium for free for just one month for testing purposes. You can simply signup on and can test its premium features for one month.

After testing it for a month, you can either leave this amazing music platform with a huge music database or pay to buy one of the different available membership plans like student plan, premium plan, family plan, annual plan, and HiFi plan.

Features of the Deezer Premium Apk

There are thousands of features of this platform’s premium version, which we will discuss one by one, and you will come to know about the Deezer platform. So, let’s div into it…

Deezer Free

As discussed above, you can use this music app for free, but with some limitations and restrictions, which are given below:

  • 56 Million Songs
  • Shuffling of Songs
  • Audio or Visual Ads 
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Download Songs
  • More than One Account

Deezer Premium

If you want to use it only for a single account, you can buy its Deezer Premium Plan by paying $5.99/month. This plan will be specific for only one account, and the following features will be available in this plan.

  • 56 Million Songs
  • Shuffling of Songs
  • Audio or Video Ads 
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Download Songs
  • More than One Account

Deezer Family

By subscribing Deezer Family plan for $8.99/month, you can share your Deezer account with friends and family members and can enjoy the following Features.

  • 56 Million Songs
  • Shuffling of Songs
  • Audio or Video Ads 
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Download Songs
  • 6 Accounts

Deezer Annual

 If you want to share an account with your friends and family, you can buy a Deezer family plan by paying $8.99/month. This plan has the following features.

Deezer HiFi

Subscribe Deezer HiFi plan for $8.99/month with a one-month free trial to enjoy high-fidelity songs and get all premium features unlocked. 

Deezer Annual Plan

If you want don’t want to pay each month then the Deezer music app is giving an option of subscribing annual plan. In this plan, you have to pay $59.90/year, once a year, and enjoy free unlimited songs for a whole year.  

Interesting Features 

With the Deezer family plan, you get six accounts, and you can share five other accounts with your friends and family. Deezer also provides a free plan, but it has limitations like you will be bothered by showing ads; you will not be able to download music and listen offline, etc.

But if you don’t want to pay the Deezer and want to enjoy all the premium features of this platform free without any disturbance, we bring this article for you with the Deezer mod APK. In this mod APK, you can enjoy all premium features without paying any single penny.

You need to download this APK file and install it. After that, enjoy the 56 million songs totally for free, including offline music.

Huge Songs Collection

Currently, Deezer music has a storage of 50 million+ copyrighted songs and over 45,000 podcasts on many different platforms. You can access and listen to the available music with or without the internet. New and famous songs are frequently updated on this music app.

 Easy to Search

Using this app, you don’t need to waste your time searching any of the songs you want to listen to because a huge collection of songs is available in a single app. You need to open the app and listen to any famous singer’s song with a single click.

Create and Customize the Playlist

In this music app, you can create a playlist and add any of your favorite songs in this playlist. On created playlists, it will also suggest some matching playlists which can save. It will also suggest you the playlists of popular singers or popular playlists.

Sing the Lyrics:

With Deezer music, you can not only listen to music, but you can also view the displayed lyrics and can sing with artists. If you love singing, then you can enjoy this app more than just listeners. You can also listen to music from other sources and search for its lyrics on the Deezer app.

Save Channels:

This app gives you the option of choosing your favorite playlist and based on your favorite searched or saved channels. It will suggest to you the best appropriate channels. You can save all these channels and enjoy the music.

Download the Music:

You can not only listen to music on this with an internet connection, but it also provides you an option of downloading the music and saving it in your favorite playlist or channel.

Then you can enjoy the songs without the internet. This feature is only available in the premium app, but our provided Deezer premium APK will give you all these features for free.

Black and White Themes:

Although the white theme is commonly used in every mobile app from day one, now, a black theme is also being used in many famous mobile apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Deezer music also gives you the option of switching to a black theme, which you can use at night time and save your battery.

High fidelity:  

To listen to songs in high quality and the best high fidelity music experience, you have to buy any music player app’s premium plans. You can’t enjoy all these features in the free version. Get this Deezer mod APK to install on your mobile and enjoy the music with full quality.


Using music player apps that have ads enabled in it is a headache for music lovers. To handle this problem, you have to use the premium version. So, download our provided Deezer premium APK latest version of 2020 to solve the ads problem.   

Radio stations:

Probably this will be strange for you, but this music app has many radio stations in it. You can listen to and enjoy any of your favorite radio stations.

Installation of Deezer Premium APK

Now you are familiar with Deezer Premium Music and ready to enjoy the millions of free songs, including your favorite ones. But you have to follow the below steps to install and use this Deezer premium APK to enjoy high-quality songs.

So below are the steps for installing it on your device:

Step 1:

First of all, you need to download the APK file by clicking on the above download now button.

Step 2:

You need to find this file in your mobile phone’s download folder and click on the install now option.

Step 3:

If you are using the loader APK file for the first time, you have to enable the security option and then click on the install now option.

Step 4:

So now, the app is installed on your phone, and you need to open the app and signup or login with an email address.

Issues with Deezer Premium APK

Although this app is perfect from all aspects, you can still face some most common issues, and you can solve them easily without any hurdle.

First Issue:

  • You cannot use the Gmail login option for this Deezer premium APK for some reasons


  • You have to create a new Gmail account for use in this APK because

Second Issue:

  • It is easily accessible in more than 150 countries and can be used after normal download and install options. But it is restricted in many countries that are overpopulated and can harm the music app.


  • People in such countries can use the VPN app on their phones to change the IP address and location. After that is using, they can enjoy it equally like people in other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many profiles can you have on Deezer Premium?

With Deezer Premium, Deezer HiFi, and Deezer student account, you can link a maximum of three devices to your account. But you can play songs only on a single device at a time. The packages are not designed for individual users only.

Can I get Deezer free?

Yes, you can get the Deezer music app for free and enjoy the songs. But the free version of the app is limited as compared to the premium paid version. But you can download our given file of Deezer premium APK and enjoy all the premium features for free

How to change from family subscription to premium subscription in Deezer?

For changing subscription you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open Favorites from Deezer
  2.  Go to Settings
  3.  Select manage my account
  4. Select manage my subscription
  5. All the available subscriptions will appear
  6. Now click the subscription where you want to switch

That’s all for changing subscriptions to the Deezer music app.

Is Deezer lossless?

Yes, unlike other premium music apps, Deezer also has a library of lossless audio files that you can use on your device and enjoy over a million songs totally for free.

Does Deezer charge after a free trial?

Yes, at the end of the period, you will automatically be charged for the renewal of your subscription package.

Final Verdict

We tried our best to provide you with all the information about Deezer premium APK. Now it is up to you if you want to download and enjoy unlimited free songs then you can download them.

If you have any additional information or any complaint regarding the Deezer music app, then you can comment, and we will try to respond to you ASAP.

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What's new

  • Listen Radio Stations along with Songs.
  • Find all English Podcasts under "Shows" Tab. 



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