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Making of your allies. Get the experience of the historical culture and a tradition of previous century peoples. See how the life of a sultan is difficult and how he can a sultan rule over its empire. All these things are already in a game whose name is a game of Sultans Mod APK.
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A game in which you can live like a sultan a deal all the things which a sultan did in its empire. You can feel the experience of the life sultan. You have to order the rules in your empire. Making of your allies. Get the experience of the historical culture and a tradition of previous century peoples. See how the life of a sultan is difficult and how he can a sultan rule over its empire. All these things are already in a game whose name is a game of Sultans Mod APK.  Download the Download Drastic DS Emulator APK. In this game, you can experience the whole life of a sultan.

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 About Game of Sultans

Game of Sultan is a game that standing in the list of Roleplay games. In this game, the user can experience the whole life of a sultan, and the player will see how the rules can be taken on the right stage. Here, they will see how poor people live their lives and how rich man lives their lives. Game of Sultan is made by a company whose name is MIT, which means Mechanist Internet Technology. This game was released for whole worldwide in 2018. More than 10Million+ people have already downloaded this game. And the ratings of this game is about 4.0. The size of this game is about 72 Mb.



The last update of this game came out a few days ago. In this update, many of the things were changed in this game many things are added. Many bugs and glitches were fixed. And developers make the game environment playable. Gem Store and Flower festival are also added to this game. The flower festival makes the game more attractive.

 Features of Game of Sultans 

Rule on your kingdom

In this game, every decision of your kingdom needs the permission of their Sultan. You rule on your kingdom. All the issues of any type like agriculture, Army and other their issues were taken by you. As like a real sultan did.

Teamwork of allies

As a sultan, your allies help you. In any war, they will stand with you, and you can easily show your mighty and infinity power to your opponents and see what a sultan can really do. You can see how the fights can take and how to win against powerful enemies.

Take titles

When you were able to defeat your enemies and fought, you own. After winning those battles and you go good in the life of Sultan, then you will grant some titles from this game. Some of these titles are very rare and unique in-game. Only a few people have these titles. If you want to get, then show your skills.

Rewards and treasures

When you show your skills in the game and rule on your empire, you will get some reward in these rewards; some are swords, and some are unique frames. These frames are too rear like some titles. Most of the player do anything to get these rewards.

 About Game of sultan APK

If you want to be a sultan and you want to experience the whole of sultans. You want to know how the rules of the kingdom were taken. So want to download this game. But unfortunately, you cannot make it reachable to this game APK. You want to play this game at any cost. Then don’t do anything. We are already uploaded the latest and updated version of the game APK. It’s already uploaded on our social web by our exceptional staff. If you really want to download it. Then download link is provided on this web. If you don’t know about the downloading process, then follow the downloading instruction that is given as under.

 Game of sultan APK Download Guide

1) Click on the download button. The download button is present at the end of the web.

2) The downloading will start after clicking on the download button.

3) Just wait for the completion of downloading APK.

4) When downloading ends, click on the APK and install it.

5) When Installation completes. Click on the game and Enjoy.

 About Game of Sultan Mod APK

Suppose you are Sultan in this game. But you don’t have enough money to purchase something. And you want some upgrades in your kingdom or empire. These upgrades are necessary. But don’t have enough coins to do something. Then just download the mod APK of this game. In this Mod APK, everything which is present in the shop menu all these things are unlocked, and you can do anything. If you are interested in the mod APK, then download it. The download link is on the same URL where the original APK is uploaded. You have to follow the downloading instructions.

 Features of Game of Sultan Mod APK

 1) Unlimited money.

2) Get everything free.

3) Make Allies unlimited.

FAQs Game of Sultans Mod APK

Can we design our fortress?

Yes! In some upgrades, you can choose some designs for your fortress. You can change its size and how much you need a bigger fortress for you. Change its colours make designs for your fortress at on your own choice.

After defeating someone, our Army will increase or not?

Maybe yes! Your Army will increase because when you defeat someone, their Army and some people were killed by you, and some will join you. So it means your Army will increase. But you can make your Army by using some money and equipment.

Can we increase the level of our Army?

Yes! You can increase the level of your Army. When you kill or win against another powerful sultan, then an option will appear that you want to increase your army level or not. You just need a tiny amount of money for doing this.


As we know, all the gamers need some adventure or something new in games. The game of Sultans Mod APK is a similar adventures type game. In this, you experience the whole life of Sultan. You can hear the voices of poor peoples. You will know how the life of Sultan is. How much it isn’t easy. And you will be known how the actual fight can be taken against the powerful peoples and sultans. This game is a role-playing game. In this, you can play the Sultan’s role and manage all the things that a real sultan did. If you have any problem while downloading and installing the game or mod APK, just comment below and we will fully try to reply to you.

What's new

[Imperial Road]
Compete in three rounds of thrilling combats to boost your division and fight for exclusive titles and items.

[Gem Crush]
Visit the Gem Store together with your companion and choose the best present. There are many items to help you win an SSS rating!

[Flower Festival]
The most excellent party is on! Why not invite your allies and have fun? The cute version of Maida and Joan of Arc will show up as a surprise.

[Bug Fixes]
Minor updates have been made based on users' feedback.



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