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Planner 5D Mod APK

Are you prepared to settle into your own home? Or have you ever had a project where you had to design and model a house for another reason?

Whatever the reason, here’s a quick fix for those problems. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator is now available.

Planner 5D (MOD, Unlocked All Items) is a program that allows you to design stunning interiors for your home in either a 2D or 3D perspective.

Today’s home decor art has piqued the interest of those who are creative or who want to learn how to decorate their home with different colors or beautiful interiors.

As a result, they’re used in a variety of games and come with a plethora of resources for players to enjoy exploring everything.

Planner 5D is one of these games, which was created with depth in gameplay and high image quality in mind.

Players can enjoy immersing their imaginations in order to create the most outstanding and eye-catching designs.

Not only that, but the game has a lot of interesting features that allow people to show off their decorating skills in a variety of different room settings.

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5D Mod APK

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Using Planner 5D Mod APK

Planner 5D has an easy user interface to utilize. As such, using the app offers no difficulty to users. Here are the different ways you can use and model your homes:

  1. First, you create a floor plan for your home. How big will it be and what dimensions should it have?
  1. Next, you can add furniture and other different decors and accessories. Simply drag and drop items right into place. In addition, the size of all items can be adjusted to fit the overall area and dimensions of your home design. The catalog of items in the app is regularly updated, so there’s always new décor to use.
  1. Also, you can add hundreds of different colors and textures combinations.
  1. Above all, the Virtual Reality mode allows you to inspect and experience your homes firsthand.

Planner 5D Premium APK Free Features


  • The great thing about Planner 5D is that it has endless gameplay, allowing players to comfortably build their dream home using the resources or designs available in the system. It also divides the process of building a house into stages, and players can begin with any step they want, such as house planning, room design, interior customization, and so on. Each option demonstrates the variety and depth of its gameplay, and while an entire project can take a long time to complete, the results are promising.
  • The gameplay also ensures that players have complete freedom when designing their homes, providing them with the comfort and peace of mind they need to find the perfect ideas for the home they’ve always wanted. Home design is typically the domain of architects, but anyone can express themselves in this game and submit the most impressive work to the community.


  • Aside from impressive gameplay, the game employs an excellent graphics engine to provide a professional feel when designing houses from the ground up. Best of all, it includes a 2D and 3D perspective switching mode, which allows players to be more precise when moving furniture or designing each room.
  • More prominent elements will gradually become available in the future as the player progresses. Nonetheless, the game’s graphic quality is first-rate, making it simple for anyone to design a house from a variety of angles. Aside from providing users with the convenience of home design, it also sketches everything with high image quality and perfection, demonstrating the distinct differences of each model or different settings.


  • You’ll get everything sorted out inside the house. Allow all furniture to be tidy in order to create a spacious and spacious space. The transition from the living room to the bedroom. Everything will be arranged in a reasonable manner. The walls are also softly painted in a variety of colors. Every detail, even the smallest, is important.
  • Everything must be in sync with one another. From there, the living room will be fully equipped. Conciliated with utensils at the same time. Make a beautiful room with one-of-a-kind colors. The floor itself, or simply the motifs. Users will be transformed to make the living room more visually appealing.


  • In Planner 5D, there are several stages to building a house. The first step is to decide on a building culture, and the last is to lay the groundwork for coloring or installing decorations. As a result, the variety of building culture and architecture in the game is vast and limitless, always providing players with a plethora of options for designing houses and even providing them with a wealth of knowledge about the differences between each culture.
  • Not only that, but the technology and interior design of each culture differ, allowing players to freely mix cultures to create a new style for each house and atmosphere inside of them. Players can easily express the atmosphere and art they exude individually by selecting the perfect furniture for each room.


  • Aside from the realistic house building system, the game includes a large library of interior or furniture design resources. What distinguishes them is that they all come from well-known designers and are available in a variety of colors and prices, allowing players to freely express their creativity. Furthermore, the game will support borrowing systems, allowing players to use the furniture but must return it within the time limit, among other things.
  • It’s a great function to expand everyone’s design potential and capabilities, including for use in custom houses or the main job. The furniture library will also provide an intelligent filter, and users can easily find options appropriate to each culture, era, etc., to apply to many projects.


  • If players are confident in their design abilities, Planner 5D will host a number of large events in which they can compete to build outstanding and impressive houses. Of course, players can preview other players’ designs, which they can use as documentation, or design something that outperforms others in exchange for generous rewards. These contests are held on a weekly basis, and some even include special quotas for players to build on the framework.
  • Planner 5D is a fantastic game that combines the pinnacle of graphics, AI, features, systems, and so on to provide players with a flawlessly designed simulation game. Furthermore, it frequently adds new content to entertain players or give them new ideas for designing luxurious or cultured homes to make themselves known in the larger community.


  • You don’t need any special skills to use Planner 5D. Simply know what you want and what you require for your home. The first function I’d like to discuss is also the main use of Planner 5D: when you download the app, you can quickly design your home in three steps.
  1. Make a layout and a design.
  2. Create floor plans and layouts with furniture and other basic items in 2D mode.
  3. Change to 3D mode to continue delving into the layouts and editing details on the drawing from various angles.
  • Each of these steps is simple to complete using the application’s corresponding features.
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Planner 5D Mod APK Overview

Planner 5D Mod APK Download for Android

  1. To begin, uninstall the current Planner 5D app from your smartphone.
  1. Then, from the download link provided below, obtain the Planner 5D mod apk.
  1. After you’ve downloaded the Planner 5D mod apk file, navigate to Android Settings > Security.
  1. Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option here, which asks for permission to install third-party apps. Allow it.
  1. Return to the download folder and double-click the Planner 5D Mod APK file to begin the installation.
  2. Enjoy!


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As long as you follow the steps correctly, it is a very simple process! The four best steps I took to create my first app and sell it on the Android market were simple and straightforward.

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Enjoy Features of Planner 5D Mod APK
Planner 5D Mod APK Features

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