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One of the best racing games in the arena is now available without any cost called Race Rocket Arena Car Xtreme Mod APK. You cand download and install it without any cost.
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Race Rocket Arena Car Xtreme Mod APK Everthing Unlocked 

One of the best racing game in the arena is now available without any cost called Race Rocket Arena Car Xtreme Mod APK. You cand download and install it without any cost.

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Introduction RACE Rocket Arena Car xtreme

RACE Rocket Arena Car Extreme is an arcade dashing game from the engineers of SMOKOKO LTD. Your fundamental assignment here is to complete first at any expense! To do this, you can utilize all legitimate and invalid techniques, in light of the fact that there are no standards. Outfit yourself with a rocket and shoot it at your adversary to take him far removed. Protect with your safeguard to get resistant to foe assaults. Utilize a high leap or nitro supporter to defeat different racers not long before the end goal. Become the lord of hustling in this compelling game.

Features of RACE Rocket Arena Car xtreme

Peruse our survey to make it simpler for you to prevail in the game.



RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme permits you to utilize any technique to be fruitful. The principle accomplishment here is triumph. On the off chance that you need, beat your adversaries in conventional reasonable way – simply be quicker than them. Be that as it may, you can generally get a weapon and shoot your adversary point-clear. You can’t totally debilitate it in such manner, yet stop it’s anything but a couple of moments. During this time, you can go extremely far. Munitions stockpile of weapons and a wide range of lifts is very assorted. Every vehicle has all you require to annihilate adversaries.


There are right now four game modes accessible in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme. How about we investigate them: Profession is exemplary mode for passing, where you need to go to the end goal first, bring in cash and work on your vehicle. Fight is a sort of fight royale. Here numerous players battle for triumph, however just one will endure.

Competitions are races on various tracks. The person who scored the most focuses as indicated by consequences of a few races wins. Rocket Arena is maybe the most engaging mode. Here you can battle different players a restricted segment of track. Your undertaking is to impair rival’s vehicle. You can utilize an assortment of traps and weapons: trimming tools, rockets, fireballs and significantly more. Note that at first just the profession mode is accessible to you, the rest opens after you acquire the necessary Rank.

Redesign YOUR CARS

Incidentally, RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme gives uncommon consideration to vehicles. Here you need not exclusively to drive quick, yet in addition to work on your vehicle in an opportune way. Every vehicle has three primary boundaries – protection, harm and speed. In addition, every vehicle additionally has its own individual sort of weapon. Somebody has adze-weapon, somebody has electromagnet and somebody has amazing air pocket gum bomb. Every one of fundamental boundaries is open for overhauls for cash and precious stones.


For those of you who love an assortment of scenes, engineers of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme have arranged a few sorts of totally divergent areas. These are Egyptian remnants, Aztec sanctuaries, deserts and sheer bluffs. On account of the cool designs, this load of spots looks extraordinary and simultaneously very natural. Investigate all tracks and open all areas in this habit-forming game.

Illustrations AND SOUND

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme offers the client superb 3D illustrations nearly at the degree of PC games. The difference in day and night, beautiful enhancement and motor sounds – this is in bounty.

RACE Rocket Arena Car xtreme MOD APK

We offer you to download a mod for limitless cash and jewels. With its assistance, you can purchase new updates and vehicles. In any case, a few vehicles can be opened distinctly for gift.


In view of the aftereffects of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme test, we can affirm execution of mod for limitless cash.

Significant! Complete a short instructional exercise to get cash and precious stones to your record. If it’s not too much trouble, note that since this game has multiplayer, there is a chance of boycott for utilizing the mod. Along these lines, be mindful so as to abstain from impeding.

Controls in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme are very agreeable and basic. The vehicle drives without anyone else, you just need to control, get weapons dispersed out and about and shoot. There are a few catches in right corner of the screen – safeguard, rocket dispatch and nitro.

You can utilize nitro sponsor just if there should arise an occurrence of aggregating a specific measure of energy. Coincidentally, there are three sorts of controls in the game. Settings permit you to change controls, for instance, utilizing a gyrator.

RACE Rocket Arena Car xtreme Mod

Kindly note that subsequent to introducing the game, it performs unloading. Set up a lot of free memory ahead of time to introduce application on your gadget effectively.

We might want to take note of the incredible man-made consciousness of adversaries. Here, adversaries are not simply serving a number on the track. They are battling wildly for triumph, likewise utilizing all legitimate and unlawful intends to go to the end goal first.

Generally, RACE: Rocket Arena Car xtreme has an incredibly decent impression. This is an extremely excellent item, where in a real sense each perspective is fascinating. Engineers figured out how to make a game in style of amazing Crash Team Racing on PlayStation. Its degree is somewhat less, however dashing venture can bait for quite a while.


RACE Rocket Arena Car xtreme Mod APK will suit all aficionados of speed and activity. This is outstanding amongst other arcade games in its type for Android. We unquestionably suggest the game for downloading.

What's new

- Improved Career mode
- Improved engine sound
- Alien car suspension fixed
- Bug fixes and general improvements



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