Apksclub COVID-19 Relief Scholarship Program

We know that 2020 was a very hard year for the whole world and everyone was disturbed due to pandemics. The economy of Almost every country destroyed very badly. The education department is also one of those departments, that went down because of COVID-19

Because of the losses in the last year we at, have decided to support the students financially by giving scholarships to bright and competitive students.

We are offering $10,000 to the top three students. Our scholarship committee will test the students who will apply for scholarship and will choose the top three deserving students.

Scholarship Criteria

1- All applicants must be currently enrolled as full-time student at a college or university.

2- There are no requirements of SGPA/CGPA.

3- Must provide the college or university transcript.

4- Write an article on the topic “How COVID-19 affected the world” of 1000 words and send us at [email protected] with your first name and last name. Try to send it from your current .edu email address.


-> Last date apply is 25 May 2021.

-> Announcement of winner students 10 June 2021.

Terms and Conditions

  • The apksclub COVID-19 Relief Scholarship award will be directly submitted to the financial aid office that corresponds to the student’s primary .edu email address.
  • The essays submitted will be judged by the apksclub team, who will review the article for creativity and writing ability.
  • The article must be unique with original content (no copy-paste).
  • The apksclub team will attempt to notify the $10,000 scholarship winner by phone and email.
  • Once the winners have been selected, enrollment and qualifications will be fully confirmed.
  • If an applicant no longer meets the eligibility requirements at the time of distribution, then we will offer the award to the next runner up.


 A minimum of 5 participants/entries are required for this scholarship offer. In the unlikely event that we do not have 5 participants, the entries will be applied to the next campaign.

Privacy Policy

For security purposes, we will not reveal any type of information of applicants to anyone. The information of all applicants will be added to our record only and we will disclose it.

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