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Webtoon Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Webtoon Mod APK is an app that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of popular webtoons. For those who are not familiar with the term, “webtoon” is a general name for comics published online. Webtoon mod apk  is exactly what it sounds like – A modded version of the official app that’s been altered so that you can experience all the wonderful things that have been blocked in Soompi Shop, or just simply read more manhwa than the 15 currently available.

WebToon Mod Apk lets you read dozens of titles by major publishers such as Lezhin Comics , Naver Comics , and LINE. These are professionally translated stories made by creative teams from Korea, Japan, and even more different countries.

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The Features of Webtoon Mod APK

  • It is very convenient to read comics by the way that it is connected with the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through computer or smartphone.
  • Comics are released every day, so you can enjoy latest comics without waiting for its release date.
  • There are many kinds of genres in webtoon such as fantasy, romance, family drama and mystery which attract woman about 70% of total users. You can choose interest genre according to your taste.
  • Webtoon’s history stretches more than ten years, so many contents have been gathered on this platform which led high-quality service toward global fans.
  • One of the most famous features in webtoon is that you can post your own comics as a webtoon artist on the platform, so many talented artists have been discovered through this service.
  • Webtoon provides not only entertainment but also education for new generation who spend their time on smartphone and computer for 24 hours a day, so it has been used as a tool of learning various kinds of contents such as new science technology from many colleges and universities.
  • Since webtoon contributed to global users who are interested in comics from all over the world, there are more than 10 million hits per day during its high periods, which indicates that it has good influence among Asian markets such as China and Japan where they love comics very much.
  • The way of reading webtoon is also very special. There are two kinds of reading depending on how you read it, which are ‘fast-reading mode’ and ‘touch mode’. The former one is made by clicking left mouse button for moving forward page by page while the latter one is chosen by touching the screen with your fingers to move backward or forward.
Webtoon Mod APK Latest version

  • You can also enjoy more contents in webtoon if you become VIP member which costs $4.99 per month after free trial ends. This service provides most comics including latest one than any other paid services such as comic locker do, so many people want to use this service rather than others.
  • All contents written in webtoons are 100% original, so it does not infringe copyrights of other comics.
  • You can also interact with other users through reading manhwa and leaving comments on the related pages. It is similar to social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter which allow people to communicate between each other in real time.
  • Even though webtoon is very popular among Asian countries such as China, Japan and etc., it is getting more attention from American cartoon fans nowadays because many famous artists such as ‘Son Hee-Joon’ who drew famous manhwa ‘The Blade of the Phantom Master’ moved their place to draw cartoons in America where they can get more opportunities than Korea due to tax reasons and language convenience even if they did not receive much support for supporting their talents in their mother countries.
  • Webtoon is one of the most popular contents based on internet among Asian countries, but it also has limitations that are not available for smart phones due to its web-based storage services. The way to solve this problem will be bringing new idea which can expand its platform by using blockchain technology. Let’s wait and see what kind of solution Bluewhale brings by using blockchain!
Webtoon Amazing App

FAQs About Webtoon Mod APK

What is Webtoon?

Webtoon is a application that you can read many comics easily on your phone. You must install this application if you want to enjoy those contents because those contents are updated frequently which means those contents are newly come out from the comic maker.

How do I get this app for free??

It’s not available on the google play store therefore, you have to install it manually without using google play store or it will give you an error. You cannot install this app directly from your android phone therefore, you must use your PC to install the APK file.

What does it mean by “Rooted Android Phone”?

There are many contents on webtoon which means there are many contents that only available for Korea or Japanese people. If you want to read those contents too then you have to set your country as Korean or Japan so that, they will think that you are Korean/Japanese and they allow you to read their exclusive contents. But some peoples don’t know how do I set my country on this kind of apps so I’ll explain it below in the article. Q4) How can I set my android phone as Korean or Japanese?

Click here  and download the program on your PC.

  1. Extract it using Winrar or another extracting program you have installed on your PC.
  2. Open up the “Setting” app of this tool and click on “Language & input”
  3. Check on the box that says “National option”
  4. Now, check both boxes below it which are “Select input method for each app” and “Switch system keyboard to hanja(Korean)”. If you want to read Japanese comics too then do the same above but just change it with Japan instead of Korea! When checking those boxes, now you can use any Korean/Japanese contents without changing your country every time!!

Why this app works only on rooted android phone?

Your android is “rooted” if you’re using any customizing program on your phone. If not, then your android is “non-rooted”. On the simplest words, rooted means adding some new features to your android device while non-rooted means original. You must understand this clearly because it will be important in next question

How do I know my Android Phone is Rooted or Not?

Please go check it out here  or you can click the link above and scroll down a little bit and look for one that says “Root Checker” install it and run it. One of them should ask you to root your device when you open it because you are using a rooted version.

How do I get this MOD to work on my non-rooted android phone?

Please go check it out here  or you can click the link above and scroll down a little bit and look for one that says “Root Checker” install it and run it. One of them should ask you to root your device when you open it because you are using a rooted version.

In order to make your android phone looks like non-rooted, please press “ROOT ACCESS DENIED” every time after checking apply changes or restarting your device. If they don’t come up then you have successfully done this step! Now please follow all the steps below:

1) Click here  to download the MOD file.

2) Extract it using Winrar or another extracting program you have installed on your PC.

3) Open up the “Setting” app of this tool and click on “Language & input”

4) Uncheck the box that says “National option”.

5) Now, check both boxes below it which are “Select input method for each app” and “Switch system keyboard to hanja(Korean)”.

6) Install Webtoon APK normally from here .

7) When opening up Webtoon, it will ask you to use either English or Korean.

8 ) Choose whatever language you want except for National option!!

9 ) And if everything went well, now you can enjoy all those exclusive contents!!

How do I install the Webtoon MOD APK?

Note: If you still doesn’t know how to install apps on android, please go check out this article here  or look at the picture below. Please browse where you have downloaded the Mod file and click it after seeing “APK” option (Most Downloaded browsers like “MX-Browser” will show that option). After clicking that button, it should say “Install”. While installing, your phone might ask you to give permission to this app by pressing “Allow” or something like that.

1) Go download MOD file from here .

2) Open up web browser (Most Downloaded ones such as Chrome or MX-browser)

3) Search for the MOD file on google and download it. (Or you can open up this article and click on button below to download it directly)

4) After downloading, extract the zip file using Winrar or any other extracting program you have installed on your PC. 5) Open up “Setting” app on your phone and go to “Language & input”.

6) Check the box that says “Select input method for each app”.

7) Then check both of those boxes underneath: – Switch system keyboard to hanja(Korean). – Select input method for each app

8) Now go to home screen and tap on APK icon until a message pops up asking if you want to install an outside app.

9) Allow permission and install that app.

10) Open it and enjoy modifying Webtoon!!

What is “Sandbox mode”?

“Sandbox mode” means a method of enjoying different features to modify apps on android phone. The function will change depending on your phone model but most phones allow you to run 2 or 3 apps at the same time. While this works, if you click buttons such as skip page or go back while reading comic, both apps (Webtoon and Customizing app) will crash. This is why we need “Google Play Service” in order for this MOD to not crash no matter what action you take within Webtoon App! So please open up Google Play Store and search for “Google play service”, open it and give permission to use when asked. Please restart Webtoon after you install that app in order for this MOD to work properly!


We are ending this amazin article with the hope that you are going to download and install the Webtoon Mod APK right now. So, go ahead and give it a try right now without wasting much time. If you face any issue while installing this app, you can comment below and we will help as soon as possible.

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