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YouTube Music Mod APK

Download Youtube Music APK
Youtube Music APK

Are you a music enthusiast who wants to listen to ad-free, limitless music? Then this Youtube Music Premium Apk is your best bet.

Listen to your favorite music directly from the best video-sharing platform on the planet.

Whether it’s a TikTok viral music video or a newly released song, you can enjoy anything on YouTube even after locking your Android phone.

As we all know, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform, with people uploading videos from all over the world.

The best place for any music lover to listen to all types of songs such as newly released songs, cover songs, remixes, trance, and many more.

However, in order to enjoy an unlimited, ad-free music experience, we must purchase YouTube’s premium membership, which costs around 11.99$.

So, today, I’m going to give you a Youtube music premium mod apk that will allow you to access all of YouTube’s premium features for free.

Continue reading to learn how to install and use this premium apk effectively.

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Youtube Music Mod APK Vanced

YouTube launched their own music streaming app, Youtube Music, on November 12, 2015, where people can enjoy any type of content available on YouTube in audio format.

Youtube music quickly gained popularity due to the YouTube brand and massive music collection. Within a year, it grew to 15 million+ active users, with a current user base of 2 billion.

As we all know, when we watch a video song on YouTube, we only need to keep our device’s screen turned on to watch it, which consumes a lot of power and data.

However, using the YouTube Music app, you can now stream any music videos and cover songs even after the screen has been locked.

You can also use this YouTube music apk to convert any music video to audio or vice versa.

Youtube Music Premium Mod APK Latest Version

Youtube Music Premium Apk is a modified (cracked) version of the official YouTube Music app that allows you to enjoy all premium features for free, such as ad-free music, offline downloads, background play, and many more.

  • Using picture-in-picture mode, you can now watch your favorite video song while doing other things.
  • Enjoy all of the songs that are available on YouTube.
  • Even after the screen is locked, you can listen to music.
  • Convert audio to video with a single switch
  • Keep your data safe.
  • Change the theme of your application.
  • Using Pinch to Zoom, you can get full-screen resolution.
  • Take advantage of ad-free music.
  • Choose the perfect music for your mood from a variety of categories such as silent music, cover songs, and many more. It’s like a music nerd’s heaven, where they can listen to any song that isn’t available on other music streaming platforms.
  • Create a music playlist, subscribe to music channels, and wirelessly stream your song with YouTube Premium Music; you can do all of this with ease.

Youtube Music Mod APK 2021 Features

Overview of Youtube Music APK
Youtube Music APK Overview

YouTube Music Premium, as previously stated, is jam-packed with features. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite features below, and I think you should too.

If you believe I missed any features or if you have a new feature to share, please leave a comment. I’d love to include it here.

Background music

This is YouTube Music’s most important feature. If you’ve ever watched a video song on YouTube, you’ll know that it only plays until we turn off our phone’s screen. When we turn off the screen, the video stops playing, which takes away all of the fun of music.

However, with the help of YouTube Premium Music Mod Apk, you can now play any song in the background. Simply search for your song on YouTube Music, open it, and let it play in the background. It’s that easy!

The background music also saves mobile data by rendering only the song’s audio file.

Ad-free streaming

Everyone desires an ad-free music experience. However, as we all know, most streaming platforms and applications do not provide ad-free music unless you pay for a premium subscription.

With this YouTube premium mod apk, you can listen to online music without being bothered by advertisements. This is a premium feature, but you can use the YouTube Premium Music Apk to get it for free.

One tap switch

Another great feature of YouTube music that I enjoy is the one-tap switch. You can use that switch to convert any video song to audio format or vice versa.

There are many instances where you want to listen to a song but are unable to do so due to a lack of mobile data. In that case, a One-Tap switch can be used. Essentially, when this switch is turned on, it only renders an audio file from a video that saves mobile data. You can also turn off this switch if you want to watch the video while listening to the music.

How to use One tap switch:

  • First, launch YouTube Music Apk and search for your favorite song.
  • Now play that song.
  • Click the switch button in the upper right corner.
  • You can listen to your song in both audio and video formats.
  • It is recommended to listen to songs in audio format for a lag-free experience.

Unlimited song collection

Everyone knows that YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform, with 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute. That means you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of music on YouTube Music.

There are numerous music channels, such as T-Series, Sony Music, Eros Now, and others, that release a new song every day. You can also select your desired song from a variety of genres such as a remix, trance, or cover song.

One of the best features of YouTube Music is that it has a much larger database of content than Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services. You can literally find any song here, whether it’s a TikTok viral song or an unofficial cover song.

Free access to premium music

This is the reason we use this YouTube Music Premium apk. As we all know, in order to access YouTube Premium, we must first purchase their premium membership, which is free for the first month but costs 11.99$ per month after that.

However, with this mod apk, we can use a YouTube premium account for free, as well as all of its features. In addition, we can use pictures in picture mode, which is YouTube’s most popular feature and is only available in the premium version.

YouTube Music APK Download Features

  • Get rid of all advertisements.
  • Repeat on its own
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Controlling the speed
  • Pinch to zoom in and out.
  • It is available to both rooted and non-rooted users.

Youtube Music Premium Free Download

Downloading any application is a simple process. You can easily install the application on your device if you ever install it on your Android.

Step 1:

First and foremost, navigate to the download page by clicking the ‘Go To Download Page’ button. You will then be redirected to the YouTube Music Premium Download page.

Step 2:

Next, download both files, YouTube Music and MicroG.

Step 3:

Once you’ve downloaded both files, navigate to your file manager and install MicroG on your Android device. If you are installing an application for the first time from the file manager, you may encounter some warnings.

  • This is a completely optional step that will only be asked if you are installing an application for the first time.
  • If you did not receive a warning like the one below, simply skip this step.

Step 4:

In order to use a free YouTube premium, we must install Split APKs Installer. You can get it directly from here.

Step 5:

Now, open the SAI application and select Youtube Music, then click the Install button. After installation, launch the YouTube Music app and enjoy the free premium features of YouTube Music.

Please keep in mind that you must uninstall any previous versions of the YouTube Music Apk before installing the modded version. In addition, you must log in to the MicroG application using your Google account.

Have your own playlist on youtube music apk
Youtube Music APK Playlist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk?

Yes, this YouTube premium mod apk is completely risk-free. The team at Thinkkers has already scanned this application for any hidden bugs or viruses.

You can also use this YouTube vanced apk to replace the original YouTube music application. The app has been modified by XDA developers so that we can use all premium features for free.

Why is YouTube Music superior to other streaming services?

If you’re just starting out with YouTube music, you might be wondering why it’s better than other streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and others.

The simplest explanation is that you can find all types of music content on YouTube videos.

Personally, I enjoy watching TikTok videos. There are some songs that have been modified by a professional DJ and are not available on any streaming apps other than YouTube.

In addition, the majority of popular music companies upload their songs to YouTube. That means we’ll be the first to hear any newly released song on YouTube Music. That is why YouTube Music Premium Apk is superior to other streaming apps.

Can I use YouTube music if I already have a YouTube Premium membership?

You certainly can. After purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription, you will have access to all features, including premium music, videos, and first access to newly released content.

To use YouTube Music, simply log in to the official YouTube Music app using the Gmail account with which you purchased a YouTube Premium subscription.

How can I get a free YouTube Premium account?

YouTube, as we all know, provides its users with a one-month free premium trial. You can use any virtual credit card to activate youtube premium music if you want to try it before purchasing it.


So there you have it, guys. I hope you have the most recent version of YouTube Music Premium Apk 2021, which allows you to access all premium features without paying a dime.

You can now listen to any YouTube video song even after you’ve locked your phone’s screen.

Also, if you have any problems or questions, please leave them in the comments section. I’d be delighted to answer all of your questions.

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