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Black Youtube APK

Download Black Youtube Vanced APK
Black Youtube Vanced APK

If you have a smartphone, you must be using Youtube Vanced APK, which is an application that provides video streaming services, but the main issue is that advertisements are prevalent.

Who does not want to use it, we are sharing the Youtube Vanced apk + Micro G apk file to stop the ad, by which you will be able to use the youtube app without advertising, which you can use services such as a Youtube mod apk Can be used for free in this post.

As you may be aware, the YouTube platform is one of the most popular globally, with everyone using Android smartphones nowadays, and the YouTube platform being the most popular.

Because it provides a lot of entertainment, if people upload movies and cartoons, they are all uploaded inside YouTube.

Today, the most technical thing is being sought after. If you want to use YouTube, we’ve shared it without any advertisements.

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Youtube Vanced APK Latest Version

Youtube Vanced apk was created by cracking the YouTube Premium version, and it has since become the most popular worldwide.

This is due to the fact that you receive this service when you purchase YouTube Premium.

However, if you use it, you can do so for free and without a subscription, allowing you to easily enable background play and avoid ads, popup windows, and dark mods. Doable.

I have added many features that are not available in the original YouTube Vanced apk.

This feature is only available if you purchase the initial YouTube Premium membership, which allows you to watch any video without advertising.

You can easily watch any movie; it can select the task based on its preferences. Videos in low quality or HD 4K quality can be viewed.

You can download movies and other videos from YouTube if you like them. At the bottom, there will be a download button.

I’ll download it if you click on it. It will be saved in your default file manager. Then you can use it without needing to connect to the internet.

It is an excellent option for streaming at any time without the need for an internet connection.

This service is available in Youtube Premium APK for those who are unable to purchase it. He makes the most of it. By the way, the YouTube app is the most popular in the United States.

Install and use Black Youtube Vanced Mod APK
Black Youtube Vanced APK Overview

Youtube APK Premium Plans


  • This is the best plan on Youtube Premium if you use all of the professional features individually, or in other words, if you only have one device. This plan includes an ad-free experience as well as a background picture in picture mode. You can also access all YouTube Original content after subscribing to this plan. With this plan, you will also receive a free YouTube Music subscription. This plan costs 129.00 INR per month or 399.00 INR for three months.


  • In terms of features, the family plan is identical to the Individual plan; the only difference is that this plan allows for an unlimited number of users. You can enjoy YouTube’s premium features with your family members by subscribing to this plan. You can add up to five family members (aged 13 and up) who live under the same roof or in the same household. This plan will cost you 189.00 INR per month, and there are no upgrades available.


  • If you’re a student currently enrolled in a school or college, Youtube can provide you with a premium subscription for as little as 79.00 INR per month, with all of the same features as the above plans. To apply for this student plan, you must upload your identification card from your university or school. As a result, if you’re a student, this is the best option for you.

Youtube Vanced Mod APK Amazing Features


  • You can now quickly remove the YouTube virtual ads without spending a single rupee. Every YouTube user is bothered by advertisements. Every time they watch their favorite content, they are interrupted by Google ads, and it is prohibitively expensive to purchase a YouTube premium subscription just to remove the sticky ads. However, in the Youtube Vanced app, you will find a feature that allows you to easily disable Youtube ads and stream your favorite movie or videos without interruption.


  • Many original web series are available on YouTube, including A.I., Impulse, Wave, Origin, and others. But you can’t watch these original web series unless you have a premium membership. So we’ve modified the Youtube Vanced app so that you can now access YouTube Original content in this app without paying a single rupee.


  • Youtube Vanced is a simple interface app with the same menu and content setup as the official YouTube apps. This app is simply a clone of the official YouTube app with a few extra features. This app has the same five tabs as the previous one: Home, Explore, Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library. Along with the account details snap, you’ll see a search and stream button. Furthermore, in the Library tab, you can find the videos you’ve downloaded offline as well as your viewing history.


  • The swipe controls for adjusting video sound and brightness are the best feature of Youtube Vanced APK. You can now get the MX Player gesture control innovation on YouTube as well. To enable the Swipe Controls, simply navigate to the Advanced settings section and select the Swipe controls option. You can enable the swipe control for brightness and volume in those settings, as well as configure the threshold or swiping sensitivity. This feature must be used at least once after downloading this app; it will blow your mind.


  • This feature will allow you to view videos in resolutions that your phone does not support. By downloading this app, you can watch full HD 1080p videos on a phone with a 720p resolution. You can simply change the resolution of videos by going to Vanced Settings and selecting the Video quality option. By tapping on it, you will be presented with four options for overriding the resolution for data usage and Wi-Fi usage. You can also select a preferred video speed of up to 2x from those options.


  • The Youtube Vanced app allows you to switch between light and dark mode on YouTube, regardless of which device you’re using. You can enable dark mode in the app by going to the general menu and selecting the setting option. The appearance option is listed in the General menu, and you can toggle it to match your desired theme.

Youtube Vanced Mod APK Highlights

  • If you’re tired of the original YouTube app, you’ll want to try the YouTube vanced apk. But first, you’ll need to download it, which we’ll show you how to do below.
  • You will undoubtedly be able to download it if you have previously downloaded any APK file from the internet. Every website, by the way, has a unique method of downloading. So that we can understand the method of our website, which we will describe below.
  • The “Go to Download Page” button at the bottom will allow you to download Youtube Vanced apk.
  • When you click on the download button, you will be taken to another page. There will also be a download button there.
  • You can get the latest version of Youtube Vanced apk from there.
Enjoy amazing features of Black Youtube Vanced APK
Black Youtube Vanced APK Features

How to Install Youtube Vanced Mod APK on Android

Like there are many people in the world, who do not know how to install any Youtube Vanced App file. Because in today’s time, every smartphone already has app installs.

That is why people do not know how to install it. If you have read something, you can install the YouTube Vanced app file by looking at the method below.

So we have shared the file. Below is the way to install it, you can follow it by looking at it.

  1. To install the Youtube vanced apk file, you must first download it, as explained above.
  2. To install it, navigate to your smartphone’s file manager and double-click the downloaded file.
  3. When you click, an install button will appear, and you must click that install button to have it installed.
  4. Now you must install the MicroG file in the same manner as we described above for installing the APK file.
  5. The YouTube Vanced app will be installed on your device as soon as you install it, and you will be able to watch and download the video without any advertisements.


Youtube Vanced APK is a modified application that provides the same experience and user interface as the official YouTube application.

The only difference between these two apps is a few extra features.

The Youtube Vanced apk is an excellently modified app that will provide you with every Youtube Premium feature for free.

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